Nick All-Star Brawl Dev Hints at Alternate Colors, Stages, Music in Hungrybox’s biggest stream ever cover image

Nick All-Star Brawl Dev Hints at Alternate Colors, Stages, Music in Hungrybox’s biggest stream ever

Several pieces of exciting news for Nick All-Star Brawl dropped during one of the first competitive events for the game ran by Smash Legend Hungrybox.

A treat was delivered to fans in the form of a hype tournament for Nick All-Star Brawl, in addition to some news straight from the developers. Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma’s weekly tournament switching to the new platform fighter.

Hungrybox's biggest night ever confirmed news for Nick All Stars

This not only led to Hungrybox’s largest stream ever at 22,795 viewers, but we also got some tantalizing new details on the platform fighter. Namely, players won't be wearing default skins forever.

“Frankly, it’s embarrassing that [Nick All-Star Brawl] doesn’t have them,” Thaddeus Crews, one of the more vocal members of Ludosity said on the stream, referring to alternate colors for the game’s roster.

Alternate colors have long been one of the ways that players express themselves and identify in the game. Many players are famous for playing with a specific color in Melee or Ultimate.

Not only that, but it seems we might be getting some alternate stage appearances and alternate music. Presently, perhaps one of the largest omissions is the soundtrack in Nick All-Star Brawl. While it does have some bangers, there are others that are questionable - something that Crews appeared to want to rectify.

For the stages, Crews pointed to Slap City, which has some alternate skins and looks for some of its stages, for inspiration.

Also hinted at was the possibility of tap jumping, where the analog stick is flicked upwards to jump rather than a button press. This was something Crews didn’t confirm but was excited to say that it was a possibility.

He was also quick to point out that this early in the game’s lifespan literally nothing is set in stone, including competitive rulesets that the game uses online, and other quality of life features.

The "Greatest Tournament of All Time"

"This really was the greatest tournament of all time," Hungrybox enthused at the end of his stream, while Thaddeus Crews was left speechless by the Grand Finals.

This is high praise coming from Hungrybox, a renowned Super Smash Bros Melee and Ultimate player who has seen some hype moments in his career.

After coming all the way from the loser's bracket, Counter Logic Gaming's James "Void" Makekau-Tyson managed to reset the bracket in an epic 10 game set.

It was an incredible night of matches where CLG Void came out on top after resetting the bracket against ThunderzReign, one of the best Project M players of all time. If this tournament is anything to go by, Smash will soon have another platform fighter to not only compete with but share the largest stages in the world with as well.

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