Here’s everything to know about Jason Vorhees’ kit in MultiVersus.

In MultiVersus, Jason Voorhees is a fighter who originates from the Friday the 13th universe. He's also a tank who is described as an "unstoppable monster from beyond the grave." If you would like to know more about Jason in MultiVersus, including how to unlock him plus all of his Perks, attacks, specials, and more, then read on for our quick guide.

How to unlock Jason Voorhees in MultiVersus (Image via
How to unlock Jason Voorhees in MultiVersus (Image via

How to unlock Jason in MultiVersus

If you would like to terrify your opponents as Jason Voorhees, then you can unlock him via the MultiVersus Battle Pass. He is the first unlockable reward in Season 1. To obtain the Battle Pass, you must get some Gleamium currency and visit the in-game store. Gleamium requires real money.

MultiVersus Jason Vorhees Perks (Image via
Resurrectionist Perk (Image via
MultiVersus Jason Perks (Image via

MultiVersus Jason Perks

  • Well Rounded: You receive a 5% boost to damage dealt and defense.
  • Resurrectionist: The first time Jason or his ally are about to be rung out, they will instead get pulled back toward the center of the map. They will then have a brief window to keep fighting before automatically being rung out.
  • Monstrous Sidestep: Jason will move behind the nearest enemy in front of him when performing his side special.
Jason moves (Image via
Jason Vorhees attacks (Image via Player First Games)

MultiVersus Jason attacks

Hold Side + JFreight Train: Jason runs forward, shoulder tackling anyone in his way.
Neutral JAxe Slam: Charge an axe attack while slowly moving forward.Scoop and Slice: A sweeping hatchet swing that arcs through the air with deadly precision.
Side -> + JFear The 13th: A three-hit combo that ends with a grab and tosses the opponent away.Cut Them Down: A wide-reaching machete swing from the air which knocks back the opponent with great force.
Up + JCrunch Time: Charge a gruesome attack that mimics the fatal folding of a bed, launching your enemy skyward with a force that breaks both body and spirit.From Below: Two swift, upward strikes of his machete. This aerial assault is a deadly dance of blades that spells doom for those caught unaware.
Down + JZombie Stomp or Z Stomp?: Channel the charge of the undead into a ground-shaking stomp that propels enemies skyward.6 Feet Under or Go to Hell: Plunge downward with a fist, executing a powerful air swing that spikes opponents to their doom.
Neutral KUnstoppable Rage: Jason channels his rage, trading self-inflicted damage for gray health. Allies also receive a small amount of gray health. While enraged, he is faster and his next attack deals more damage and knockback. This condition ends when his gray health is depleted or when he uses an attack.The Slasher: Jason grabs his opponent before stabbing them twice, then slashing.
Side -> + KMist Step: Jason steps into the mist and teleports forward. Any opponent near Jason as he begins his Mist Step will be struck back with great force.Air Mist Step: Jason steps into the mist and teleports forward. He can slightly angle this teleport upwards or downwards.
Up + KNo Escape: An upward hatchet swipe that catches its victim and then slams them into the ground.Risen Strike: A rising cleaver strike that knocks the opponent upwards.
Down + KSweet Dreams: Jason stuffs his victim into a sleeping bag, functioning as a grab. He can walk and input an attack to slam them into the ground or other enemies. Inputting a special will throw the bag as a projectile with the victim trapped inside.Down and Out: Jason slashes his cleaver down and forward. If he lands while using this attack, he does an additional slash.
Relentless: Jason cannot take knockback while he has gray health.

MultiVersus Jason tips and tricks

On social media, Player First Games community manager and game developer posted a tip on how to make the most out of Jason's Monstrous Sidestep Perk. Meanwhile, YouTuber Onestep also posted his beginner's guide for the Friday the 13th character. The guide includes advice on how to carry out useful attacks on the ground and in the air.

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