Maximillian Dood has hit an impressive Twitch follower count, especially considering his focus on older fighting games.

Maximilian "Maximillian Dood" Christiansen, better known to his fans as simply Max, has done it - finally cresting 1 million Twitch followers. He's had a similar milestone in the past few years with his fighting game YouTube channel where he surpassed a million subscribers.

Max's content is special to the fighting game community. He is perhaps one of the most successful content creators in that scene, focusing on his love of fighting games. And not just whatever the new hotness is, either. He can be found playing games like Third Strike (which just celebrated his 100th session on stream recently), modern fighting games like Guilty Gear Strive, or even games that aren't even fighters - such as Monster Hunter Rise.

How has Maximillian Dood gained his following?

He streams fairly consistently alongside his Yo! Videogames crew. He stated that his goal with his stream and content, in general, was to highlight old games and recreate an arcade feel. It's also caused many of his viewers to stick around for the long haul. In contrast to streamers who target younger audiences and chase the new hotness.

Max has had successful stints in several fighting games over the years. He is perhaps best known by his long-time fans for the Assist Me series. That series involved sketches and tutorials of characters in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Since he's moved away from sketch comedy and has focused on sharing his love of fighting games by simply playing.

He's been a huge part of reviving fighting games in the past as well. He was a big part of the push towards reviving Marvel vs Capcom 2. He played a similar role in the Killer Instinct community. That game could be seeing a sequel if rumors around its development are true.

What does hitting one million mean to Maximillian Dood?

Max celebrated the moment with his stream. During which he broke down all of the reasons why it was important to him to hit this milestone.

"Never would I have imagined 10 years ago that this would have ever been close to what my life is," Max said on stream as the moment happened. "It's changed me as a person, it's changed my family, it's changed my friends. It's had a significant impact on everyone involved with me, and I hope it's been positive for everyone involved."

The impact of Max's channel on fighting games cannot be understated. He has reinvigorated the love of the game, not just the competitive aspect, but just of playing the games with his viewers. This is especially true of older titles, which is something Max wanted to focus on with his stream.

"This number means a lot to me because of retro," Max explained. "We've done so much retro gaming. We go back and play games all the way back to the NES era. I've worked my ass off to get retro hardware, so much of it connected in so many ways to get it to work. I hold dear the vision of getting the hardware and getting it up on the stream. The fact that I have been supported for so long by all of you guys, to be able to invest the time and money into this has been an absolute joy. I get to do the thing that I love doing, tinkering, and then making the most engaging stream out of it. Not many channels on Twitch have been able to reach a 7 digit following while spending a large majority of its time playing older stuff."

Yo Videogames' focus was, to me, to recreate that arcade environment. I just want to get people in here that remember that feeling of comraderie at an arcade, playing a game you love and having your friends be there."

What's next for the Dood?

According to Maximillian's video, this will probably be the last big milestone we'll see for quite some time. That doesn't mean he plans on stopping streaming or creating content anytime soon though. We'll be able to keep tuning into him playing fighting games and much more for years to come.

You can check out his Twitch channel and YouTube channel and stay up to date on his latest shenanigans.

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