Marvel vs Capcom 2’s community continues to push the game to new heights with the addition of rollback netcode and a brand new ratio mode!

In light of the recent #FREEMVC2 movement, Marvel vs Capcom 2 has seen a huge resurgence in popularity. The most popular way to play Marvel vs Capcom 2 is through emulation. While these emulators have had online play integrated in, recently these emulators have gotten an upgrade. Emulators such as Null DC Bear and Flycast have always been the most popular ways to play Marvel vs Capcom 2, but now they have rollback netcode and a ratio select mode.

Which emulators to use?

There are many different emulators that you could use to play Marvel vs Capcom 2. The most popular ones are Dreamcast based emulators. This is because of the 3 non-digital console releases of the game, the Dreamcast one is the closest to arcade feeling. The most popular emulators that people use are Null DC Bear and Flycast. Both are emulators that have online play enabled, but because of Flycast's developer Flying Head, they both have rollback netcode enabled!

Aside from this, another popular option is Fightcade, an online emulator that has rollback netcode incorporated for many classic fighting games, from Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo to Marvel vs Capcom 1. Newer arcade titles like Marvel vs Capcom 2 had difficulty incorporating better netcode. Now thanks to Flying Head and Flycast, Fightcade will be adding rollback netcode to Marvel vs Capcom 2 and other games of the Dreamcast era.

What's ratio mode?

If you've ever watched a Marvel vs Capcom 2 tournament, you're well aware of the top tier characters. Most tournament top 8s have the same 8-10 characters just shuffled around on different teams. Earlier this year, Justin Wong proposed a ratio system in order to encourage more diversity in teams. With these rules, both players have 7 points, and different characters are worth varying amounts of points from 1 to 5. The better the character, the more points they are worth.

This ratio system allows players to experiment with teams and show off how they want to play. Is it better to pick one super top tier character and 2 bottom tier 1 point characters? Maybe you want to pick a team of characters all in the 2 to 3 point range. The possibilities and experimentation can give birth to some truly interesting options. Justin Wong has recently been using a team of Amingo(1pt), Jin(2pts), and Ken(2pts) to great success.

Many people have shown interest in playing the game with these rules. And thanks to some truly amazing modders, now you can! In this great trailer by Magnetro, you can see that ratio select mode is available in Null DC Bear. Although the mod has a few bugs, once you get going, its very easy to get carried away trying all sorts of new teams!

Marvel vs Capcom 2 seems to get more and more hype with each passing day. Although the game isn't available for purchase, the community around it continues to persevere. Hopefully if the game does get re-released in some capacity, the publisher could work to include these two new additions into a more modern version. Stay up to date with the #FREEMVC2 movement here at! And if you're interested in more FGC news, we still got you covered!