A new King of Fighters XV online beta is announced at The Game Awards!

King of Fighters XV is one of the most highly anticipated fighting games to release next year. Earlier this year, King of Fighters XV had an online beta where players could practice and play against each other. This beta was incredibly well received with players enjoying the gameplay and the netcode. Since the previous beta, more characters for the game have been announced. Tonight at the game awards, a brand new character was announced, along with a new character!

Krohnen is the newest fighter to join the King of Fighters tournament. He has a burning resentment for the Kusanagi family, and has a shapeshifting arm. These similarities to older King of Fighters character, K9999, have fans speculating if they are one and the same. The announcement image for the next beta included characters like Terry Bogard and Blue Mary. While these characters were not available in the previous King of Fighter XV beta, their inclusion seems likely.

The beta test will be available to PS4 and PS5 owners. The window for the test will be roughly 2 days long. Fans of the game can look forward to the release date on February 17th 2022 on PS4, PS5, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

All characters currently announced for the game will be included with the online beta. It's important that as many people check out the online beta as possible, as SNK will be using feedback from this online test to ensure that the netcode is 100% up to snuff before the game's eventual release.

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