Hungrybox wants to win a major again.

Super Smash Bros. Melee legend Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma is returning to the game full-time with the goal of winning a major. He will also be hosting a new casual "To-Go Box" tournament series for anyone in the community who wishes to participate.

Hungrybox is one of the greatest players to ever touch Melee and the idea that he may be returning to top form for a short period of time is incredibly exciting.

Everything in Hungrybox's announcement

<em>A screenshot from the announcement video on YouTube (Image via</em>
A screenshot from the announcement video on YouTube (Image via

Hungrybox's nine-minute announcement video is available to watch on his personal YouTube and Twitter. He also premiered the video live on his Twitch, where he gave additional details and context for his plans.

Full-time return to Melee

Hungrybox says he simply needs to know if he can "still really do it in Melee." The multi-time major winner wishes to test himself and find out whether he's still capable of winning a major tournament.

In order to accomplish this, Hungrybox will abstain from playing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for 90 days and focus on Melee full-time. He expects the "detox" to help with his competitive play by getting rid of any muscle memory and habits that aren't optimized for Melee. Along with coaching from fellow Melee legend Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman, he hopes to return to his rightful place: the top.

The three-month hiatus Ultimate hiatus will culminate at August's Supernova, which Hungrybox is now aiming to win. The tournament, previously known as Super Smash Con, is the only major title that he has been unable to conquer. A win at Supernova 2024 would be the perfect conclusion to Hungrybox's quest.

To-Go Box tournament series

<em>Hungrybox's two tournament series logos, Coinbox (left) and To-Go Box (right) (Image via</em>
Hungrybox's two tournament series logos, Coinbox (left) and To-Go Box (right) (Image via

The To-Go Box is a "mini version" of the Coinbox, a tournament series hosted by Hungrybox in partnership with Team Liquid and Coinbase. This new competition is his own personal project, intended as a series of impromptu, fun events for the community.

To-Go Box tournaments will be announced on the day of, have no prize pool, and consist of a single 128-entrant single-elimination bracket. The purpose is simply to give players a place to practice and hang out around the game they all love.

The new To-Go Box series will be hosted twice a week for both Melee and Ultimate, each game having its own weekday. Additionally, Hungrybox teased one more possibility during his stream and on Twitter.

He mentions that as a result of the lack of a prize pool, To-Go Box tournaments have more freedom, such as the ability to take place on a certain other Smash title. This seems to hint at a few events for Brawl, possibly via Project+, which left the community extremely excited.