Happy Chaos is the next Guilty Gear Strive DLC fighter, releasing on November 30 for season pass holders, Dec 3rd for everyone else.

The next Guilty Gear Strive DLC fighter is Happy Chaos. He will release on November 30 for season pass holders and December 3 for everyone else on Playstation 4, 5, and Steam.

According to the trailer, Happy Chaos is a gun-using fighter and has previously never made an appearance in a Guilty Gear game. Happy has been mentioned in the story mode but this is his first appearance, especially as a playable fighter.

Happy Chaos is called the "Gunslinging Broken Messiah" in the trailer. His kit is nebulous but he does use guns with a high amount of stun. He even shot the timer after saying "Time's up." so it will be interesting to see what he can actually do.

There also seemed to be a portal where he could shoot backwards and still hit his opponent. Details as to his plot relevance are still up in the air. According to the Guilty Gear wiki, Happy Chaos is described as another "Jack-O'" unit that That Man was making to turn I-No into a human. However, Happy Chaos wasn't awakened like their counterpart, until now that is - where he made an appearance in the story mode.

Due to his appearance in story mode, Happy Chaos is highly anticipated. We'll see how good the Gunslinger Messiah ends up being on November 30.

In August this year, Guilty Gears strive released a new character Jack O Valentine. One of the poses by the character in-game spurned a series of internet memes and was the start of the now-famous Jack o Challenge.

Guilty Gears Strive has risen to prominence in recent months and it is one of the hottest selling games right now. With over 500,000 copies sold in the first month of its release the game has a very active playerbase.

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