The upcoming Guilty Gear Strive October patch will finally make connecting to the game faster, along with a number of other improvements to the battle system.

The newest Guilty Gear Strive patch will release on October 15 and among the other changes is a long-awaited quality of life change - namely, you won't have to sit and wait for the servers to authenticate as long anymore.

Guilty Gear Strive server fix

This has long been one of the largest issues with the game. To say that you could pretty easily go fix yourself a snack in the kitchen while the game is authenticating with the Guilty Gear Strive servers was not much of an exaggeration.

"Aside from changes to the battles, this update also reduces the time required to authenticate the online server when launching the game," Arc System Works said in the most recent 'Developer's Backyard'. "Our tests in North America have confirmed that the update reduces connection time significantly."

Fortunately, this was not all that was included in the patch, either with new features coming to further improve Guilty Gear Strive. Arc System works also said that they plan to improve the Player Match system, as requested by players, in a later update.

Upcoming battle system changes

Also in this Guilty Gear Strive patch is a couple of pretty huge changes to the way the game works as a whole rather than specific character balance.

"In the previous update we adjusted the character balance without changing the overall game mechanics," the devs said in their patch notes. "This time however we will be adjusting the overall mechanics and game rules in addition to character balance."

As a quick breakdown, here's what's changing:

  • Revised qualities of Faultless Defense
  • Extended overall input buffer time (which should make execution of certain combos easier)
  • Increased the time window for throw clashes
  • Revised start up times for fastest normals on some characters
  • Changed how counters work for aerial normals
  • Increased number of moves that can be jump or air dash cancelled.

The full details on the October Guilty Gear Strive patch will be released soon, most likely when the patch drops on October 15.

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