A new 650+ term glossary of fighting game terms is now available for free online.

A new fighting game glossary has popped up online, offering definitions and examples for over 650 fighting terms. Its creator, Infil, previously made the Complete Killer Instinct Guide, but now they've gone one step further create an encyclopaedia for fighting games in general. However, it was no easy process. According to their Twitter the project took 9 months to complete. Infil, the brains behind the glossary,

The glossary explains all sorts of fighting lingo, from general concepts like the Quarter-Circle motion to game-specific terms like Hadouken. The site allows players to search for specific words, group terms by letter, or even group them by game. Games includes in the glossary so far include Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter, Tekken, and Marvel vs Capcom, among others. 

The homepage of the glossary site also highlights a Word of the Day right on the front page. The word of the day at writing is Electric Wind God Fist, a Tekken-specific term. The glossary defines it as "an iconic move from the Tekken series belonging to Mishimas. It's often abbreviated to EWGF, simply called an "Electric", or called a "Dorya", mimicking the iconic voice clip when the move is performed."

A perfect guide for fighting game scholars

The fighting game glossary comes at a time when fighting esports are beginning to find some momentum. The COVID-19 pandemic crippled the competitive scene, due to a combination of things. Live event cancellations, controversy, and notoriously bad online play all played a factor. Now with the world slowly opening and rollback netcode finally taking hold, the scene is due for a rebound. This Fighting Game Glossary could pose as a refresher before live events begin again. 

The next major fighting game event on the calendar is July's Intel World Open, coinciding with the Tokyo Olympics. Street Fighter V will take center stage along with Rocket League. If you're thinking about registering, check out this advice from our own Justin Wong on why your brand is important in the FGC.