EVO MK 11 Finals: My girl likes to Fujin all the time cover image

EVO MK 11 Finals: My girl likes to Fujin all the time

The story of the EVO MK 11 Finals was a Fujin mirror match and one American taking advantage of missed chances in the final MK 11 tourney.

If one word could describe the final main tournament appearance of Mortal Kombat 11 then it would be 'Fujin'. The windy, extremely safe Kombatant dominated the top tiers of MK11's tournament scene and the EVO MK 11 Finals were no different. In fact, five of the final eight matches included the character. And yet, the grand finals of the last Mortal Kombat 11 EVO tournament was still hype.

This was thanks in part to a bracket reset by American favorite Ninjakilla_212 against one of the two vaunted twins of MK legend, TMM|Nicolas. Having bested Nicolas' brother TMM|Scorpionprocs in loser's finals, he set his sights on the last hope of Chile.

However, in the Fujin-on-Fujin fight it was the American standing strong. Ninjakilla took victory with persistent pressure and capitalization. Let's take a look.

EVO MK 11 Finals: TMM|Nicolas vs Ninjakilla_212

The story of the EVO MK 11 Finals was a Fujin mirror where one player was allowed free movement. Ninjakilla was able to abuse Fujin's escape buttons and air movement while still capitalizing on this slow and steady mirror match.

The bracket reset happened quickly, with Ninjakilla winning the long-range projectile battle and finding ways to push the undefeated Nicolas to the corner. It appeared that each time Nicolas found damage it was immediately stymied by Ninjakilla escaping.

With the bracket reset, Ninjakilla began capitalizing on Nicolas' attempts at chasing down the elusive American. Multiple times he fell into Ninjakilla's trap, escaping the corner and immediately punishing chase attempts. Nicolas refused to fully roll over in the EVO MK 11 Finals, but Ninjakilla had an answer for every attempt at his life.

Ninjakilla's dedication to the throw ended up being the difference, allowing the American to timer scam and confirm on pressure again and again. And despite everything, Nicolas did manage to tie it up 2-2 in the EVO MK 11 Finals. The final set came down to who could punish the most mistakes and land throws for corner pressure setups.

Finally, in the last round of the last match and the pressure showing on both players, Ninjakilla took advantage of a crushing blow normal throw to take the round, secure the reset, and win the final MK 11 EVO tournament ever.

Final standings - Top 6

1. Ninjakilla212 (Fujin)
2. TMM|Nicolas (Fujin, Johnny Cage)
3. TMM|Scorpionprocs (Fujin, Kotal Kahn, Johnny Cage)
4. A Foxy Grampa (The Terminator, Sub-Zero, Kitana, Robocop, Kung Lao)
5. TheMightyUnjust (Jacqui, Kano)
5. Xombat (Johnny Cage)
7. Rewind (Kano, Kotal Kahn, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage)
7. HCWz|MakoraN (Skarlet, Cetrion)

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