It’s over 9000! Evo 2023 has broken all-time records for registrations and competitors, making it one of the largest tournaments ever!

Evo 2023 has broken multiple all-time records in registration and player numbers as the largest Fighting Game event in the world gets even bigger. On July 13, Evo’s official social media shared details of the incredible registration numbers for the event. In the post, it was revealed that Evo 2023 will have some of the largest brackets of all time, with thousands of players turning out for Las Vegas event in August.

Among the critical numbers detailed in the tweet and accompanying news post, Evo revealed that Street Fighter 6 would have 7,061 competitors. That's over 75% of the 9,128 registered Evo players taking part in the tournament for Capcom’s newest fighting game entry!

A record-breaking Evo

Image via Evo
Image via Evo

While obviously, this is an all-time registration record, several other games also broke records. Guilty Gear Strive will feature a franchise peak registrations of 2,481, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will have 1,346 competitors. That’s especially impressive for UMvC3 at Evo 2023, a throwback tournament for a game almost 12 years old. Melty Blood: Type Lumina also claims a new franchise registration record, with 554 players entering.

Across the board, Evo is seeing a surge in entrants. Tekken 7’s entrants reportedly increased by 362 entrants to this years total of 1,560, and DRAGON BALL FighterZ is also seeing a surge of over 200 players, peaking at 838 registrations this year. Obviously, if you’ve done a bit of math, you can figure out that all these numbers don’t add up. But that’s because there’s a huge number of crossover entrants this year.

Crossovers surge for Evo 2023

Image via Evo
Image via Evo

If you just take a look at Street Fighter 6, over 55% of players are also entering other games. This show just how crazy the SF6 bracket is, and how it’s really up for grabs who’s going to be the most dominant player. Competitors from other games, including GGS, The King of Fighter XV, and DBFZ, are flocking to the game to try their hand.

In fact, the game with the least amount of crossover with SF6 is reportedly Tekken 7. Seems like those Tekken want to keep their skills sharp for the upcoming release of Tekken 8.

Overall, these record numbers show Evo 2023 is going to be a legendary tournament. The first Evo with Street Fighter 6, and one of the biggest gaming tournaments of all time. 

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