Its that time of the year again. But this time, Evo 2021 is online.

Evo 2021 is one of the most-awaited FGC event of the year. Evo 2021 is going online as the organizers want to ensure the health and safety of all participants. There will be another event, Evo Showcase, in November that will feature the winners of the regional online tournaments.

As fans watch one of the biggest FGC events of the year online, here’s all the information about Evo 2021. 

When does Evo 2021 take place?

Evo 2021 takes place over two weekends, from August 6-8, 2021 and then August 13-15, 2021. The Evo Showcase tournament will run from November 27-28, 2021.

What is the Evo 2021 Game Lineup?

This year’s event features some of the most popular fighting games. The game lineup for the main event is as follows:

  • Tekken 7.
  • Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.
  • Guilty Gear Strive.
  • Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate.
  • Skullgirls: 2nd Encore.

Skullgirls:2nd Encore and Tekken 7 competitions will take place on PC. The other games, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Guilty Gear Strive and Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate can be played on PS4 or PS5. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is also available on PC during the event.

DragonBallz is a side event.
DragonBallz is a side event.

These five games headline the main event. But there will be other games that will be available as side events during the event.

What is the Prize pool at Evo 2021?

  • $5,000 prize pool per game in North America, Latin America, and Europe
    • 1st Place $2,000.
    • 2nd Place $1,250.
    • 3rd Place $500.
    • 4th Place $500.
    • 5th Place $250.
    • 6th Place $250.
    • 7th Place $125.
    • 8th Place $125.
  • $5,250 prize pool per game in Asia
    • 1st Place $1,500.
    • 2nd Place $1,250.
    • 3rd Place $500.
    • 4th Place $500.
    • 5th Place $200.
    • 6th Place $200.
    • 7th Place $150.
    • 8th Place $150.
    • All top 8 participants will receive an additional $100 as an appearance fee.

How to watch Evo 2021?

Since Evo takes place online this year, we expect a lot of attention for the live streams. Hardcore FGC fans will tune in to watch their favorite players compete online. 

FGC events had to pivot to an online format, despite the limitations of playing online. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced entire esports scenes to adjust to the new reality.

Fans can catch Evo 2021 on Twitch starting August 6, 7 PM ET. 

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