The first offline smash major in nearly 2 years concludes, but there’s an unfortunate downside to this comeback to offline.

Riptide 2021 concluded over the weekend with spectacular showings from both the Smash Bros Melee and Smash Bros Ultimate communities. As the first open offline major in nearly 2 years, many were excited to get back to an open venue and offline competition. Unfortunately, despite strict checks and very dedicated staff, at least one confirmed breakthrough case of COVID has been confirmed at Riptide.

The tournament had a large open venue with multiple games and setups galore. Along with the competition area, there were also vendors, an artist alley, and an area for friendlies. There were also dedicated staff making sure that masks were always worn and hand sanitizer was always available. Because of this confirmed case, the TOs were sure to try and make sure it doesn't spread.

On September 14th 2021, the Chicagoland Smash Ultimate TO twitter account posted about this one currently confirmed case.

The aftermath of Riptide

The account also goes on to add that anyone who attended Riptide would not be able to attend any events without a negative COVID test. Alternatively, they will allow people who attended to show up to other offline events after two weeks.

If you attended Riptide, it is important to schedule a COVID test, not only for yourself but for the safety of those around you as well. With cases on the rise, it is more important than ever to make sure that everyone stays as safe and healthy as possible.

Vaccines have become more readily available and because of this, offline esports events are starting to come back slowly. Unfortunately, breakthrough cases and variants of COVID have started to crop up as well. Remember that if you are attending offline events, please make sure that you stay safe and sanitized.

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