CEO’s online registration ignites conflict between many top players in the Smash community and FGC on the subject of top player privilege.

With the COVID-19 Pandemic situation starting to clear up in the US, we're starting to see the return of in-person events in the world of esports. From locals to majors, many tournaments are starting to allow offline events to happen while having a registration cap for safety reasons. While this should be a positive thing, some members of the community have other opinions. CEO's online registration having been the catalyst to this discussion.

Marss hates 0-2ers

On June 27th, Marss (@Marss_NE) tweeted, "Hope they just start letting top players do early early reg. I know its top player privilege or whatever but I'd rather see mkleo and light go to CEO for example, rather than 2 dudes who are gonna go 0-2 and ask top players for pictures only after they lose."

This tweet has sparked multiple conversations on Twitter about whether or not top player should be given special treatment when it comes to registering for events.

Top player privilege and the smash community

Top player privilege has long been a thing in Smash events. Some major tournaments have had top rated players completely bypass their pools or offered private top player lounges to give the pros their own private space. There have been countless discussions about whether or not top players receive too much privilege compared to pros of other esports.

Some players, such as T1's MKLeo and PG's HookGangGod have shown their support for top players getting advanced registration. Others like PG's ESAM and Cloud 805 have clearly shown that they are against the idea entirely. Since then, hundreds of people have joined in this FGC civil war.

Some argue that stream health and top player visibility is the most important. Others say that all members of the community, even those who go 0-2 are important too. They are the lifeblood of the scene, without them, there wouldn't be a scene to begin with.

Ultimately both the Smash community and the FGC were built upon grassroutes open bracket tournaments. Those tournaments have created some of the hypest moments when an unknown names comes up and takes out a pro. The top players have invitationals, and those always do well for their brands. Open bracket tournaments are great for everyone, even those who go 0-2 because even if they lose, they are a part of the community.

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