Capcom Pro Tour 2022 will see offline events return after 2 years cover image

Capcom Pro Tour 2022 will see offline events return after 2 years

Capcom revealed that the upcoming Capcom Pro Tour will feature 3 paths to qualify including the return of offline events.

One of the biggest professional fighting games circuits, Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) just revealed more details for its upcoming circuit in 2022. It recently posted a general disclosure of the circuit's format and schedule. The announcement also revealed that the CPT will host offline qualifiers, aside from online ones, for the first time in 2 years.

The pandemic has disrupted many competitive esports scenes including the Street Fighter professional circuit, the Capcom Pro Tour. It forced all activities to go online and while we still get to spectate some action, offline events are dearly missed. This time around, Capcom revealed that we will finally be able to see some real-life action in the next Capcom Pro Tour.

On its website, it stated that "for the first time in recent memory, the tournament format will be comprised of online and offline auto-qualifying events."

Look forward to the event's opening, the North America West online premier on April 30th and May 1st.

CPT 2022 offers three paths to qualify for the Capcom Cup including offline events

Three qualifying paths for the Capcom Cup IX Source:
Three qualifying paths for the Capcom Cup IX Source:

The Capcom Pro Tour 2022 hosts multiple tournaments that act as qualifiers for the Capcom Cup. For this year, they revealed three different paths that you can use to qualify: Online Premiers, Offline Premiers, and the World Warrior program.

CPT Online Premier

There will be 19 online regional premiers across 19 territories. Winners of each online premier will automatically qualify for the Capcom Cup. Meanwhile, the top-4 finalists per region will split a $5,000 USD prize pool.

CPT Offline Premier

The Capcom Pro Tour 2022 welcomes the return of offline events as one of their qualifying paths. Offline Premiers will take place at existing FGC Majors which are among the 2022 CPT Circuit. There are no events specified so far, but we can expect the return of events like CEO and Combo Breaker. The winner of each offline event qualifies for the Capcom Cup.

CPT World Warrior

The World Warrior Program will be either online or offline depending on the situation. The participants of this program will be able to score points on respective regional leaderboards by participating in local events related to the circuit. The top winners of each region earn a spot at the Capcom Cup.

Due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, Capcom decided to follow the International Olympic Comittee's principles. They agreed to exclude the people of Russia and Belarus from competing in the CPT until the issue settles. Further details of each qualifier path will be revealed at a later date.

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