Braum is the latest champion to join 2XKO from League of Legends, so we broke down every ability we can from his debut trailer.

Everybody's favorite moustachio'd muscle man from the great white North of Runeterra, Braum, is coming to 2XKO.

2XKO is the upcoming League of Legends 2D tag fighter from developer Riot Games. It's the next step in Riot's plans to dominate nearly every game genre, bringing beloved League of Legends characters into a 2v2 side-scrolling PvP fighter. The latest addition from the League of Legends roster to 2XKO is Braum, as seen in a brand-new trailer.

In the latest trailer for 2XKO, fans finally get a look at Braum, the Freljordian support from League of Legends, and what he'll do on the main stage. Just like in League of Legends, Braum sports his signature enormous door shield, and that seems to be the main focus of his kit here as well. Braum will likely be available for the Alpha Lab arriving later this year.

In the video, most of Braum's attacks and blocks involve his shield. His attacks are somewhat slow and tend to be huge, sweeping hits that cover lots of area. In one clip, Braum appears to use a forward dash attack with his shield to destroy Ekko's Timewinder projectile before the ground erupts in icy explosions, mimicking his Ultimate from League of Legends.

The moves that we can see Braum having access to the trailer are the following. We're using general FGC terminology to break down every move we see rather than trying to guess:

Braum 2XKO moves/abilities

  • SIDE NEUTRAL: A basic, three-hit spinning attack from neutral on the ground.
  • UP NEUTRAL: A prone upwards strike used to counter enemies downward aerial moves. This move strikes twice before throwing the hit enemy into the air.
  • SIDE AIR: A simple punch for his basic side air attack.
  • DOWN AIR: A down air attack with his shield that spikes enemies downwards if it hits.
  • DOWN AIR: A downwards diagonal air attack in which he rides his shield on top of his opponent back down into the ground.
  • SUPER MOVE: A charged move of some kind in which he uppercuts his opponents and enters a cinematic. Braum strikes his opponent back into the ground in the cinematic, freezing them in place, before delivering a two-legged downward kick to shatter the ice and stagger the frozen enemy. After this move, his shield changes appearance to its more magical appearance with a ram's head.
  • EMPOWERED STANCE: The True Ice shield form appears to be an empowered stance for Braum, in which his shield glows the off-blue of True Ice and he appears to gain access to new moves.
  • EMPOWERED NEUTRAL: A sideways shield bash from his neutral.
  • EMPOWERED NEUTRAL AIR/SIDE AIR: A short hop into a circular slash that hits behind, above, then ahead of Braum. When it hits the enemy in front of him, Braum traps them on the ground under his shield and rides his shield across the screen, damaging the enemy stuck underneath. At the end of this slide, when Braum reaches the end of the screen, what appears to be his empowered stance ends.
  • SIDE NEUTRAL SUPER MOVE: Braum with his unempowered shield dashes forward, destroying a projectile in his way and striking the enemy behind it. When the enemy is struck, Braum enters a cinematic, does a front flip, then smashes the ground in front of him and sends a wave of icy explosions across the ground, knocking enemies hit back.
  • EMPOWERED SHIELD: In another clip, Braum appears to have his empowered shield enabled, with a huge blue energy shield like his projectile-blocking E in League of Legends. Ahri's attacks don't appear to harm Braum when hitting the shield.
  • EMPOWERED NEUTRAL: Braum gets an assist from Illaoi, and as her ability ends, throws a short range punch from neutral that freezes a hit enemy, similar to his SUPER MOVE seen earlier. His next attack shatters the ice, dealing damage.
  • EMPOWERED SUPER MOVE: Braum dashes forward like his other SUPER MOVE, but when it hits, it calls a Poro with an eyepatch and a hammer to come down from above and smash into the frozen enemy.
  • ULTIMATE: In what appears to be his most powerful move, Braum stomps the ground beneath him and plants his shield. This appears to have an exceptionally small hitbox, requiring prediction or a frozen enemy to hit. When Braum strikes an enemy, he enters a cinematic in which Poros pour forward from around him to beat up his opponent in a hilariously goofy flash of Poro-fueled violence.
  • NEUTRAL PROJECTILE: Braum throws a Poro in an arc in front of him, damage and knocking back enemies hit.

That's everything we know about Braum right now. Fans who can't wait for more should sign up for the 2XKO Alpha Lab arriving later this year.