The new character has a variety of options, including a time-slowing mechanic.

Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising (GBVS Rising) gets another fighter. Beatrix joins the game as a DLC character, and her gameplay trailer is quite impressive. All the details about GBVSR Beatrix are in this post.

When is GBVSR Beatrix’s release date?

The new character, Beatrix, joins GBVS Rising on May 23, 2024.

GBVS Rising Beatrix release date (Image via Cygames)
GBVS Rising Beatrix release date (Image via Cygames)

How to unlock Beatrix in GBVS Rising

Beatrix is one of the DLC characters in GBVS Rising. She is part of Season 1, and to unlock her, you should buy the Season 1 Pass. It includes:

  • Lucilius
  • 2B (from NieR:Automata)
  • Vane
  • Beatrix
  • An unannounced character (August 2024)
  • An unannounced character (October 2024)

The GBVS Rising Season 1 Pass costs:

  • $34.99 — Standard version
  • $49.99 — Deluxe version (GBVS Rising Deluxe Character Pass 1) with 4tra color variations, weapon skins, costumes, and a premium avatar

DLC characters can be purchased in GBVS Rising separately:

  • $7.99 — Beatrix (or a playable character of your choice) and a set of cosmetic items for them

Beatrix and other DLC characters are part of the deal with the GBVS Rising Deluxe Edition. It costs $74.99. In addition, you get alternate colors and weapon skins.

GBVS Rising Deluxe Edition content (Image via Cygames)
GBVS Rising Deluxe Edition content (Image via Cygames)

Will Beatrix be available in the free edition?

The fighting game GBVS Rising has a free edition with weekly character rotations. It is possible that Beatrix will be one of free weekly fighters for players to try out.

The concept of free edition is great for experiencing the GBVS Rising matches on your own and then making a decision on whether or not you want to buy the game. Playing one character throughout the week is a good trial, but this period is certainly too short to learn the attacks and features.

GBVS Rising Beatris gameplay breakdown

Detailed gameplay of Beatrix was shown in a dedicated trailer. Let’s take a look!

Beatrix in GBVS Rising fights with a pretty big sword. In the video, we can see her using:

  • A dive kick
  • A DP move (dragon punch, anti-air)
  • Quick and far-reaching slide
  • A plus move on block that she uses in a combo after her projectile and slide

It looks like the biggest part of her game plan is using the time-slowing mechanic, which vaguely resembles Roman Cancel in Guilty Gear Strive. Beatrix uses it to stop an opponent’s attack and move to her own offense options.

Slowing time is part of many Beatrix combos in GBVS Rising, but it’s a rather technical move for skilled players. Her Super is massive and somewhat disturbing. 

Beatrix Character Guide

Many details on how to play Beatrix in GBVS Rising can be found in this official character guide. Here are some of her moves and an important time slow mechanics explained.

  • Delta Clock — it’s the ability to slow down opponents after landing heavy skills. Beatrix gets access to unusual combos. Delta Clock activates at 30% health.
  • Nothing is Forever — Beatrix has a command grab as her Unique Action. Delta Clock is activated after landing it.
  • Star Chase is a projectile. The Medium version is slow and doesn’t reach far. Heavy Star Chase is fast and hits a few times, and it plus on block. The Ultimate version is a full-screen projectile.
  • Embrasque Sword is an upward slash (the DP move) with the invincibility feature.
  • Thunderbird is a dive kick with a quick startup and plus frames on block.
  • Riding Free — it’s a low-hitting attack with a special follow-up (R1). The move goes through projectiles. It’s also plus on block.

Beatrix looks like an awesome character, but many people in the fighting games community (FGC) have concerns about her.

The developers decided to release Beatrix a day after Street Fighter 6's Akuma, which obviously will steal attention from GBVS Rising. Will these characters be playable at Combo Breaker 2024 between May 24 and 26?

We at will keep an eye on both titles and will inform you on everything interesting happening in fighting games.