Bandai Namco fixes DBFZ rollback netcode: Patch 1.36 cover image

Bandai Namco fixes DBFZ rollback netcode: Patch 1.36

This important update opens doors to interregional esports tournaments.

The developers have released Dragon Ball FighterZ (DBFZ) patch 1.36. It fully focuses on fixing bugs from the rollback netcode technology. Here are the DBFZ patch 1.36 notes and a short explanation of why it’s important to the community.

Why was the DBFZ rollback broken?

DBFZ had a rough end of its life cycle. First, the community waited for the rollback netcode for around one and a half years. This update was essential for smooth online matchmaking, especially with the lower numbers of active players as the distances between competitors increased. Then, the developers released an update that ruined the visual experience in spectator mode and made esports streaming with rollback impossible. Just take a look at the video by Tyrant for proper understanding. 

Now this nightmare comes to an end thanks to fixes released in the most recent patch.

DBFZ patch 1.36

There are no gameplay or character adjustments in the newest DBFZ rollback patch notes. The developers focused on fixing the rollback.

DBFZ patch notes for Steam

The update fixes:

  • Effects
  • Character motions
  • Bugs that caused characters to display incorrectly

DBFZ patch notes for PlayStation 5 and Xbox

As most bugs with rollback were on consoles, the list of fixes here is slightly longer: 

  • Effects
  • Bugs that caused characters to remain or vanish during some fighting moves
  • Bugs with off-stage elements being on the screen in some situations
  • Bugs with characters in spectator mode

DBFZ patch 1.36 is available on Steam at 3 p.m. PST on April 19.

Some prominent people in the community even stopped their regular DBFZ tournaments for a while — like Damascus with his DBFZ Wanted series. It was impossible to stream rollback matches without visual bugs, but it should be fixed now and the community tournaments may return. Stick around on for more news and updates.