Meet 2XKO, the League of Legends fighting game formerly known as Project L cover image

Meet 2XKO, the League of Legends fighting game formerly known as Project L

Known as Project L for years, the League of Legends fighting game now has a new title in 2XKO, as well as a new fighter in its first trailer.

The wait is over and Riot is ready to talk about its upcoming fighting game in official terms. Revealed today on social media and YouTube, the League of Legends fighting game once known as Project L now has an official name, 2XKO. If that name seems confusing and a bit underwhelming then you might not be alone. However, it's a clever reference to the game's roots as an anime-inspired, tag-based fighting game in the vein of Marvel vs Capcom.

It's a bit shocking that there isn't a tagline of some kind mentioning League of Legends. However, that may just be the sheer power of the LoL brand, transcending the need for its parental stamp of approval.

Project L is now 2XKO

<em>Credit: Riot</em>
Credit: Riot

Along with a new name in 2XKO, the trailer for the artist formerly known as Project L also gave us a look at a new stage and character. The bars of Bilgewater seem as good as any place for a four-person brawl. And while we see some familiar faces from previous Project L footage, the 2XKO trailer brings us the Kraken Princess, Illaoi in all her glory. Giant women are all the rage in games these days and Illaoi is in good company with Junker Queen from Overwatch and Alcina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil.

This brings the confirmed roster for 2XKO to six fighters: Ahri, Darius, Ekko, Jinx, Katarina, and Illaoi. Are more on the way? Will VALORANT get in on the action? We'll find out in the coming months as more information becomes available. Surely we'll get more information on the once-known-as-Project L fighter 2XKO by EVO, or even the next League of Legends event proper.

Regardless, the world of fighting games is becoming more and more crowded with new faces.

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