Riot Games reveals new details about new EMEA esports arena cover image

Riot Games reveals new details about new EMEA esports arena

Riot Games has unveiled details of its refurbished LEC Studio, which will now be known as the Riot Games Arena in Berlin.

Riot Game, developer and publisher of League of Legends, VALORANT, TFT, and other titles, yesterday (Jan. 11) shared details of its new dedicated arena for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) esports, as it unveiled the Riot Games Arena in Berlin. Details were revealed via release as Riot builds excitement over its new European esports hub.

A reimagining of the original LEC Studio, the new Riot Games Arena will be a hub for all of Riot’s titles within the continent, hosting events from multiple titles.

Riot Games' new arena

  • The LEC Studio will become the Riot Games Arena
  • Its capacity will increase to 210
  • The venue will feature over 277 screens
  • It will also feature a fan tunnel, hall of fame, and other displays

“I’m delighted to unveil the Riot Games Arena in Berlin to the world, sharing with our fans a first look at this new, world class, dedicated esports facility,” said Alberto Guerrero, head of esports EMEA at Riot Games. “We've innovated both aesthetically and technologically to create the new home for Riot Games Esports in EMEA, improving the experience for fans, teams and their players. The venue sets a high bar for esports in the world, and will set us up for further success in the years to come as we continue to commit to developing the future of esports in the region.”

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

The Riot Games Arena, Berlin, will feature on-site fan arenas, immersive showday displays, a physical location for the EMA Esports Hall of Fame, and a caster viewing area where fans will be able to view on-air-talent during showdays. There’s also a new fan tunnel, as well as improvements to meet and greet, cafe, fan lounge, merchandise store, box office and bar areas. The arena also now benefits from new cinema-style seating and an amphitheatre-style crowd setup, increasing capacity by 20 percent, up to a total of 210. 

Incredibly, there will also be 277 screens in the venue, with 45 in the fan zone alone. This is a truly theatrical-level stage with broadcast gear rigging, 44 cameras, comms, full production suite, and more. This is spread across two full studios, which will facilitate remote broadcasting.

(Image via Riot Games)
(Image via Riot Games)

This year, Riot Games will host a half dozen major esports events in and around Europe, including Worlds 2024, and the Riot Games Arena will host several of them. Berlin will predominantly serve as the new home for the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) and Valorant Champions Tour EMEA (VCT EMEA). However, the venue will also able to remotely facilitate events for other esports events, including VALORANT Challengers Ascension, VALORANT EMEA Game Changers, EMEA Masters, and Team Fight Tactics (TFT) events.

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