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Check out Riot Games’ incredible lounge in Incheon Airport cover image

Check out Riot Games’ incredible lounge in Incheon Airport


The Riot Games Lounge is changing the travellers’ mindsets in Incheon, South Korea by providing distractions for travelling gamers.

What's a traveller's worst nightmare? Flight delays or cancellations — but with the Riot Games Lounge, you'll long for a flight delay, as it gives you a chance to try out Riot Games titles at South Korea's Incheon International Airport. The venue opened in late October, as a collaboration between Riot Games Korea and Incheon International Airport Corporation, but recently went viral as players flock to the location.
The exterior of the Riot Games Lounge at Incheon Airport<br>(Image via <a href="">Valo2Asia</a>)
The exterior of the Riot Games Lounge at Incheon Airport
(Image via Valo2Asia)
The Lounge's purpose is to attract gamers to its existing games, League of Legends and VALORANT, and in the future Project L, as many people may want to try them, but haven't had the chance.
Not only can you use it during a delay, but you will no longer dread layovers when you can easily jump on and play a few games of LoL or TFT. It's also a good incentive to arrive for early check-in, to prevent missing flights or missing out on good seats. Just don't lose track of time and miss your flight!

Exploring the Riot Games Lounge

The Riot Games Lounge contains a wide array of League of Legends and Valorant-themed furnishings, along with different interactive features for its guests. It has life-sized character models, including Ahri and Jett, along with smaller-sized figures of Evelynn, Miss Fortune, Braum, Lux, and a few others.
(image via Gerald Lee)
(image via Gerald Lee)
As for the gaming aspect of the lounge, there are a few options you can choose from. You can either use the provided desktops set up for you or you may choose to use your personal laptops. Perhaps you can take this chance to try out new gear that is used in their desktops!
(Image via <a href="">Valo2Asia</a>)
(Image via Valo2Asia)
You can use the lounge area for some downtime before a flight, and other than playing the games, you can get a photo with the figures placed around the Riot Games lounge. There is a photo booth run by Yuumi, the most-hated cat in League of Legends (except, perhaps you won't be hating her in this instance, as you're not playing against her). Yuumi will be guiding you in getting the best shots along with getting a perfect printout!
According to a tweet by Gerald Lee, who attended the location in person, you'll be able to participate in different challenges to win free goodies provided by Riot Games. This is ideal for those with shorter layovers or has no time to play long games. You will be given a Riot Boarding Pass, which will earn you a prize once the missions are completed. There are other activities for newcomers too.
Riot Games introduced this lounge for existing gamers, along with intending to introduce its esports titles to travellers who may have not experienced this before.

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Ruie Merican
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