Nouns Esports is voting to determine its future in 2024 cover image

Nouns Esports is voting to determine its future in 2024

It’s time to decide if Nouns Esports project grows this 2024!

You can love or hate the inclusion of NFT and blockchain brands into the esports world, but we can't deny Nouns Esports have kept it interesting and transparent. That's why all eyes are locked on Nouns Esports as they vote on the future of their esports program. First revealed in a proposal to the Nouns DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) on Dec. 19, the future of Nouns Esports is being decided.

What's all this voting stuff, you may ask? Just like the past year's proposal for signing their CS:GO team, and others, Nouns DAO decides if they're going to keep investing in the projects their community supports. The esports branch is one of their many endeavors, having already secured some really competitive rosters:

  • Brawl Stars: Pekka, Firecrow, Mohtep, Rol, Quinaia
  • CS:GO/CS2: Cynic, nosraC, MarKE, SEMPHIS, cJ, Bwills
  • Dota 2: Lelis, Gunnar, Fly, Stormstormer, Yuma, Astini
  • SSBM: Aklo
  • Pokémon Unite: Adesu, Megumini, Yutao, Toonslim, Bruv, xBlaine

Transparency opens the eyes of the public

Ever wonder how expensive an esports organization could be? It's not only about making sweet money out of prize pools. In fact, for the 2024 project, Nouns Esports will need an astonishing amount of 2,098,600 USDC. This cryptocurrency's exchange value is exactly the same as the American dollar. So... yeah, more than $2M USD. This is the first time we get to see an esports brand share this information with the public, and the numbers' breakdown is detailed as follows on their voting site:

Player & Coach Salaries — 1,118,000 USDC

  • Dota, Counter-Strike, Smash Bros. Melee, & Pokémon UNITE.
  • Salaries increased to match market rates of our new and existing talent.

Support Staff — 471,600 USDC

  • Core team being paid to work full time on the project.

Operational Expenses — 419,000 USDC

  • Boot camps, Travel, Content, Equipment, and Performance support.​

Prop House — 90,000 USDC

  • Multiple rounds supporting players, tournaments, and content creators.

And what exactly are people voting?

As we mentioned, Nouns only support projects that their community is willing to approve. This means the "project owner" has to pitch their idea (and most importantly, the budget) for other Nouns members to support it. Every project needs a clear direction, actual proof that it's working, and some ideas to make it profitable. The voting that's happening today aims to expand the project.

Nouns merch (Screenshot taken from <a href="">their store</a>)
Nouns merch (Screenshot taken from their store)

Currently, the Nouns Esports project are "committed to putting our players first and are proud to take an industry-leading 0% of prize money from any of our teams." Moreover, this signifies that the only way to make it profitable is based on in-game purchases for their competitive teams (such as CS:GO stickers and Dota 2 support bundles), team merch, and collaborations with brands— e.g. their recent Adidas partnership.

How is the voting going? Can I vote?

Only contributors are able to vote. If you want to have a saying on Nouns Esports future, you'll need to be a part of the Nouns DAO, and to do that, you'll need to be an owner of one of the Nouns NFTs. It's a little bit more complicated than that, but that's the gist of things.

The voting will end on Dec. 23 and is currently sitting at 35 votes in favor and only 8 against. You can read all the comments here to better understand the sentiment of the investors. Some of them are saying that it was exciting to see "over a million ppl concurrently watching TI where the casters were yelling "nouns! nouns!" with noggles" while others are concerned "the spending is fat and expensive and cannot be sustained past 2024."

Certainly, the voting could change drastically in the next few hours. But we will keep you updated, so don't worry too much about that, and remember to follow us on X and Facebook!

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