NAVI managed to clutch out a final day victory by winning three matches in the final day of the PGC 2022.

Ukrainian organization Natus Vincere has been crowned PGC 2022 Champions, taking home more than USD $1,000,000 in prize money for winning the PUBG championship.

Taking place in UAE Dubai Exhibition Center from October 17th-20th, with a live audience in attendance, teams played 20 matches spread over four days of the Grand Finals, and Natus Vincere came out on top with 179 points.

Until the last day, it seemed like the first place was entirely out of reach for Natus Vincere. However, by finishing first in three matches on the final day of the Grand Finals, the team earned their first PGC championship title. They are the first team from the European region to do so.

A gripping grand finals for the PGC 2022

PGC 2022 Champions
PGC 2022 Champions (Image via KRAFTON)

After such a close matchup, second place went to 17GAMING from China. They held the top place after the first two days of the Grand Finals but were pushed back to second position on the third day. Squad ended the tournament with a total of 168 points. Europe’s Twisted Minds took the third place, with Americas’ eUnited in fourth.

On top of the first-place prize of $600,000, Natus Vincere took home an additional $408,000 from the Pick ’em Challenge. Thanks to the revenue generated by event-exclusive in-game items from the PGC 2022 Pick ’em Challenge, 30% of net sales went towards the total prize pool, bringing it from USD $2,000,000 to USD $3,335,000.

MVP went to Natus Vincere marksman, Artem “xmpl” Adarkin, who made a total of 32 kills and 15 assists in just the Grand Finals. He was awarded an additional prize of USD $10,000. An incredibly lucrative victory for the team!

A new future for PUBG esports?

Ahead of the final day of the competition, CEO of KRAFTON, CH Kim, addressed the audience through a video message, announcing plans for PUBG esports in 2023. PUBG Global Series (PGS) will be held twice in 2023. Additionally, the PUBG Nations Cup (PNC), which returned this June after three years, will be held again in 2023. 

“[We want] to take PUBG esports and turn it into an iconic and cultural brand”


KRAFTON is also planning to open a dedicated stadium for PUBG esports in South Korea in the first half of 2024 to allow fans and players to enjoy PUBG esports all year round.

Speaking on the changes, CH Kim talked about what steps KRAFTON will take to improve PUBG esports “[We] will ramp up its efforts to take PUBG esports and turn it into an iconic and cultural brand while defining our unique brand identity of PUBG esports and pursuing diverse collaborations.”

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