A full breakdown on how the Club Championship works.

The Esports World Cup Club Championship is a crucial part of this summers competition in Riyadh. This competition will crown the best 'club' (organisation) across the entire competition.

Functioning a little like an Olympic medal table, the Club Championship carries a huge $20 million dollar prize pool.

So, with so much on the line, how does the Esports World Cup Club Championship work? We've got you covered with a breakdown.

Esports World Cup Club Championship explained


The Esports World Cup has a two requirements for an organisation to be eligible for the Club Championship. These are:

  • A Club needs to reach the top 8 in at least two competitions to be eligible to participate in the Club Championship.
  • A Club needs to reach first place in at least one competition to be eligible to win the Club Championship and become the best Club in the world. In the case that the Club with the most points has not achieved this, first place will go to the Club that has accrued the most points whilst meeting this requirement.

Wondered why there was a flurry of organisation announcements in mid June? That's because Clubs can only earn points for participants that were publicly stated as part of the organization before the deadline at 23:59 AST on June 13, 2024.

Points Breakdown

Every tournament at the Esports World Cup will offer the same amount of points towards the Championship. This means that organisations that perform well in multiple games will be rewarded. The impact on that has been organisations returning, or entering for the first time, to esports they were not already present in.

Additionally, it gives fans of an esports team reason to follow the entire World Cup rather than only their favourite titles. The Esports World Cup will have an overall winner, with one organisation reigning supreme.

Prize Pool

It's not just about glory for the organisations either. There is a huge $20 million on offer. This is shared between the best performing 16 organisations. The winning organisation will get a huge $7 million alone. This is game changing money in a time of financial difficulty in the esports sector.

What is there is a tiebreaker in the Esports World Cup Club Championship?

According to the Esports World Cup, the following rules will be in place in the event of a tie.

A tie will be decided by the following criteria:

  • Individual competition results - if a Club has more first-place finishes in individual competitions, they win the tiebreaker. If both are the same, second-place finishes are then considered, and so on.
  • Head to head - if a Club has more points from direct matches than the Club(s) it is tied with, they win the tiebreaker.

In the case that Clubs tie for any other position below first place, the money for that position will be split without the use of tiebreakers.