There are a few exclusions and several conditions for co-streaming

The Esports World Cup has opened up applications for influencers and personalities wanting to be a community streamer. The Esports World Cup has a streamlined application process for Co-Streaming that allows users to apply for the same. Here’s all we know.

Esports World Cup Co-Streamer

The Esports World Cup 2024 is one of the largest gaming festivals of the year and features almost all of the big esports titles. With League of Legends kicking things off in early July, esports fans can expect some exciting gameplay and enthusiastic moves. 

The Esports World Cup action kicks off on July 2 and features the top games in the world. The League of Legends tournament starts first and will be followed by other titles in July and August. will have detailed coverage of this gaming fiesta and you can catch all the action live here.

You create a positive and inclusive environment, ensuring proper moderation of your chat and be sure to inform your audience that any views, thoughts or opinions expressed do not represent EWCF.

There should be a positive environment for the Esports World Cup Co-streaming.

The co-streaming application is available only to influencers and streamers. If there are requests from companies, networks, or platforms then they will be considered as media rights. They will then require other contracts as per the terms and conditions. 

There are a couple of games that are not covered under the co-streaming application. Fortnite and Rocket League (both Epic Games’ titles) will not be available for co-streaming. 

Users who fill the application will have to ensure that their chats are

  • Adequately moderated
  • Fill the form at least seven days prior to the event
  • Provide link to the channel

Furthermore, the stream title should have a standardized format as specified in the article. 

  • “<Full tournament name> - Team A vs. Team B”, for example, “EWC 2024 CS2 - NAVI vs. FaZe Clan”.

Additionally, there are also quite a few languages that will not be available for co-streaming applications. The list of languages is as follows:

  • Korean
  • Indonesian
  • Hindi (COD:WZ, CS2, EA FC, FN, LOL, PUBG)
  • Ukrainian (DOTA2, CS2)
  • French (LOL, SC2, RL)
  • Russian (COD:WZ, LOL , OW2, FN, PUBG, DOTA2, CS2, SC2, MLBB)
  • Dota2, CS2, SC2, MLBB)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (Dota2)