Disguised had a breakout year in 2023 and is gearing up for an even more outstanding year with their 2024 esports aspirations.

Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang has poured his heart and soul into esports with his organization Disguised. He's also poured in a ton of money. What started with a $500,000 limit quickly doubled to $1 million in 2023.

And now that the first year of Disguised is coming to a close, Toast is preparing for the future. He is looking towards 2024 with a passion for esports, financials aside. DSG looks primed to have a huge year two.

New logo and Disguised merch

The first DSG merch collection (Image via Disguised)
The first DSG merch collection (Image via Disguised)

DisguisedToast never meant to spend as much money on DSG as he has. He's too far into it to stop now, though. After spending a cool million, he states that Disguised actually made money back in November 2023. Not a lot, but some at least.

He hopes the organization can break even in 2024. A merch drop is expected to help recoup some of those funds. This comes alongside the reveal of a new DSG logo. It remains hand drawn, but is definitely on the more sophisticated side.

Esports participation in 2024

The DSG LOL team celebrating their victory (Image via Disguised)
The DSG LOL team celebrating their victory (Image via Disguised)

After the reveal of merch, the logo, and financial information, DisguisedToast touched on the all-important esports components of DSG. In addition to a more active social media presence, there are four games DSG plans to be a part of. A hopeful fifth is in the works as well.

Those games are:

  • Apex Legends
  • League of Legends
  • Team Fight Tactics

The fifth in question pertains to the FGC. DisguisedToast hopes to enter the fighting game community by signing a prolific fighting game star. He wants Disguised to bring back the old school love of esports that was all about friends enjoying a game while they compete together.

"Esports should be a passion thing first and a financial thing second."

- Jeremy "DisguisedToast" Wang

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