Complexity tightens its links to Twitch with a new sponsorship sales deal.

North American esports organization Complexity has officially partnered with Twitch to make the streaming platform its sponsorship sales partner. The news was revealed in a press release by Complexity on April 6. The move will make Twitch the agency behind developing the relationships between Complexity and potential sponsors and brands.

Twitch may not seem like a natural choice compared to a traditional marketing or PR agency for this role. But Complexity seems confident in their choice. The company explained that both Twitch and Complexity will work together to “empower brands to reach fans of Complexity content, events, and affiliated streamers.” 

As one of the largest streaming platforms in the world, Twitch has hundreds of deals with brands. A quick glance at the Prime Gaming Loot tab at the top of Twitch shows the dozens games that Twitch partners with. But perhaps more lucrative is the direct partnerships Twitch has with its content creators. This would allow Complexity to instantly tap into the massive audience of Twitch’s streamers. 

What this means for Complexity

Twitch and Complexity’s partnership has increased in scope (Image via Twitch)

With the agreement, Complexity is more tied to Twitch than ever before. Having previously partnered with Twitch to make them the exclusive streaming platform for the storied North American org, the new deal only brings them closer together. What’s more, Complexity already has some of streaming’s biggest names in their roster, with Cloakzy and TimTheTatman.

Speaking on the partnership, Christina Grushkin, Head of Sales at Complexity Gaming explained the reasoning behind the tighter cooperation: “Complexity has had a home on Twitch for years, and the organization has built an impressive Twitch following—providing a great opportunity to collaborate on custom sponsorships and activations that connect innovative brands with esports and gaming enthusiasts.” Grushkin previously worked as the Senior Director of Client Strategy for Twitch.

However, despite the announcement, there’s currently no details on exactly what sponsorships deals Complexity is likely to benefit from. We can speculate that the organization will now have more direct access to developers and publishers. However, what form any partnerships will take remains to be seen. 

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