NYXL will invest high-seven figures to make New York the esports capital of the world.

New York based Andbox has rebranded as NYXL and will be making some investments to New York City. The parent company behind New York Excelsior aims to make New York the esports capital of the world. 

The rebranding comes just a few months after Andbox appointed James Frey as the company’s CEO. The NYXL brand has been synonymous with the organization’s Overwatch League team, New York Excelsior. But the new branding aims to put Andbox firmly as one of the premier esports organizations in New York.

“Our team is dedicated to building New York’s esports programmes, discovering new creators, and creating new content and entertainment that will showcase our home city.” NYXL CCO Mitchell Smith said. 

“We see NYXL and esports as an important step in growing New York’s economy and we are excited to build this sector and create large scale events that bring people from around the world into the City.”

A goal to make New York the World Capital of esports

NYXL currently has teams in Call of Duty League, Overwatch League, Call of Duty Mobile and Valorant.

In addition to making New York the esports center of the world, NYXL will also have a focus on lifestyle and gaming culture. 

As part of the announcement, NYXL said it aims to invest “in the high-seven figures” in New York over the next 12 months. NYXL is planning to build XLHQ, the company, in Manhattan.

The NYXL team in Overwatch League Season 1.
Previously, New York Excelsior had the NYXL twitter handle. They have now changed their twitter handle to NYExcelsior.

A new young creator project, called YXL aims to find and support young content creators in New York. NYXL has pledged $500,000 to this initiative. 

“As New York City emerges from the pandemic, we’re laser focused on expanding our new job markets and industries, including digital game development,” NYC Mayor Eric Adams said. “We are thrilled NYXL is making New York City their new home, congratulate them on their relaunch, and hope others follow their lead. Last week, we announced our Blueprint for New York City’s Economic Recovery, and we are going to make certain fast-growing companies like NYXL get the welcome they deserve.”

New York based hip hop artist, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, has also joined the company. He will help develop content for NYXL’s various platforms including social media. 

The company’s Valorant team, previously Andbox, will now compete as NY Fury. The team lost to NRG and Bait Academy in the NA Challengers 1 Open Qualifiers.

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