20 years on, and still going strong – happy birthday Complexity!

Two decades after its founding, American esports organization Complexity is celebrating its 20th birthday. Complexity is one of the longest-standing and most-recognizable teams in North America and recently celebrated its anniversary with a series of Tweets and posts.

A legend is born

All the way back in 2003, Complexity burst onto the esports scene; its main goal was putting the players first and achieving the best results. Founder and CEO Jason Lake recently stated that his vision for Complexity was to focus on the fact that everyone involved was a player first and foremost. Rather than just a business, this was a passion.

The early history of Complexity in Competition:

CPL Winter 20042004 - first official tournament 5th
CPL Spain 20052005 - first tournament of 20052nd
ESWC 20052005 - first time reaching 1st place1st
CPL Winter 200520059th
GGL/ClanBase Trans-Atlantic Showdown2006 - back to the top1st
WEG Masters 20062006 2nd

Starting in only a handful of esports, the organization now has active rosters in over ten different esports, as well as maintaining a team of content creators.

Climbing toward the top

As stated on Complexity’s website, the organization boasts over 140 championship titles in almost thirty different game titles. Not only this, but the organization also saw huge names join as investors back in 2017 – including Jerry Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys.

Jerry Jones joins Complexity as an investor in 2017 - image via Ministry of Sport
Jerry Jones joins Complexity as an investor in 2017 - image via Ministry of Sport

20 more years of Complexity?

With their 20th birthday this year, and a legacy deeply rooted in Counter-Strike and indeed esports as well as being a household name, Complexity has plenty to celebrate. The organization remains active in CS in 2023, with wins at the Blast.tv Paris Major North American RMR Qualifier. Though this winning streak did not continue into the tournament itself - where they placed 20th-22nd.

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