WWE Summerslam 2024 is coming to Cleveland, Ohio cover image

WWE Summerslam 2024 is coming to Cleveland, Ohio

It’s time to party by the lake.

Considering I live 15 minutes from Cleveland Browns Stadium, I can only assume that WWE is trying to wreck the local traffic pattern for me and me only. Regardless, it was announced today that the 2024 WWE Summerslam event will take place from Cleveland, Ohio in August. The move comes during a period of duress for the city, in regards to events and the very stadium where said event will take place, Cleveland Browns Stadium.

And as a point of local pride, it more than annoys me a little that United States Champion and energy drink salesman Logan Paul is used as the frontward face for this event. I mean, yes, the man is from Cleveland. However, if you're going out of your way to have announcers say you're from Puerto Rico I feel like you lose your 'Cleve privilages.

WWE Summerslam 20242 in Cleveland, Ohio

Assuming you aren't local or in the loop, there's a bit of controversy surrounding the home of the Cleveland Browns. Built in 1999, the once Cleveland Browns Stadium, then First Energy Field, then CBS once more, is on the verge of replacement. The Cleveland harbor front has long been a potential target for renovation and modern updating, to no avail. So, with events such as WWE Summerslam 2024 coming into town, it once more highlights the push and pull of spend versus not spend.

The city of Cleveland and the Browns ownership are in the middle of one such battle. This includes threats of moving the Browns out of the city proper and down to Brook Park, 40 minutes south and near the airport. As with most professional sports team, this boils down to taxation and neither side wanting to pay the bill.

A lakeside brawl

However, in the case of the current Cleveland Browns Stadium, it's still a hotbed for big events. This 2024 iteration will be the first time WWE runs Summerslam from CBS. However, this is far from the first Summerslam in Cleveland. One of the most famous Summerslam events of all time took place in Cleveland from the Gund Arena in 1996. This event saw The Undertaker versus Mankind in a Boiler Room Brawl--the end result being the heel turn of Taker's long-time manager, Paul Bearer.

Does Browns Stadium have a boiler room? Let's make something happen, gang. Tickets will go on sale for WWE Summerslam 2024 from Cleveland, Ohio in the near future.

And do yourself a favor: Don't park back by The Prog. You don't want to do that walk.

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