The Three Body Problem is Netflix’s best bet of Reclaiming Sci-fi cover image

The Three Body Problem is Netflix’s best bet of Reclaiming Sci-fi

An ever-growing list of cancelled Sci-Fi Shows on Netflix is not a good look.

The Three Body Problem is one of the most anticipated sci-fi shows on Netflix in 2024. The screen adaptation of Cixin Liu’s hit sci-fi book series releases on March 21. With star directors of Game of Thrones’ fame, sci-fi, and Book fans are eagerly waiting for the official release. For the streaming giant, The Three Body Problem is a way to redeem itself as THE platform for sci-fi shows.

Netflix pioneered binge-watching, allowing users to watch the entire season in one go. Contrary to the then-popular weekly episode releases, Netflix’s model attracted millions of viewers and subscribers. However, for producers, it also meant they had to captivate and fight for attention spans in a very short period. 

A long list of canned Sci-fi Shows on Netflix

Over the past couple of years, Netflix has become notorious for canceling shows left and right. The sci-fi genre has taken a big hit, with several popular and critically acclaimed shows facing the axe. For example, here are a few sci-fi shows that have faced the early axe at Netflix

Sense 8

Image Credit: Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

Created by Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynki, Sense8 was a show about eight strangers who discover they are emotionally and mentally linked. The global storyline quickly developed a loyal fanbase. With a variety of topics covered over the several seasons, Sense8 came to an abrupt end, on a cliffhanger. After public demand, the show did get a closure - sort of. It had an extended two and half series finale almost 15 months after the show’s original conclusion.

The OA

Image Credit: Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

The OA starts as a story of a blind woman who was missing for seven years but reappears all of a sudden. She attempts to open an interdimensional portal where she learns she is the original angel and can cure illnesses. And apparently, death is also an illness. 

After Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, the show's fans expected a finale in Season 3. However, Netflix canceled the show. Rumors have it they offered the directors an opportunity to make a standalone movie out of the content for the third season. However, the directors declined the offer and wanted to make a Season 3. Unfortunately, nothing came of the negotiations, and fans were left disappointed.

Jupiter’s Legacy

Image Credit: Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

The dual-timeline show takes place during the Great Depression as well as modern times. It follows a group of people with powers - and these people have now become superheroes in the modern era. Jupiter’s Legacy released at a time when superhero movies were near their peak and despite this, it did not fare well.

We have seen superhero movies take time to find deep roots in the audience’s mind and for all purposes, Jupiter’s Legacy seems liek a show that could have done with another season. 

The declining interest in superhero movies and the genre itself might be another big reason for the cancellation. 


Image Credit: Netflix
Image Credit: Netflix

Immigrants on a steamship traveling from London to New York get caught up in a mysterious riddle after finding a second vessel adrift on the open sea.

1899 is a multilingual German sci-fi show that premiered on Netflix in November 2022. It received good reviews, but much to fans' disappointment, it was canceled two months later. The show was created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar of ‘Dark’ fame. It was the most expensive German television series of all time and the cost factor might be a reason for the quick cancellation. 

Altered Carbon

"Altered Carbon" is a dystopian sci-fi series set in a future where consciousness can be transferred to different bodies, effectively allowing humans to live forever. The story follows Takeshi Kovacs, a former elite soldier turned private investigator, who is brought back to life in a new body to solve the murder of a wealthy man, Laurens Bancroft. As Kovacs delves into the case, he uncovers a web of intrigue and deception that reveals disturbing truths about society and the nature of human existence.

Lockwood and Co.

The final series in this list is Lockwood and Co., a fun teen-detective story. If you like Ghostbusters, there’s a good chance you might like Lockwood and Co. Although it is not as eccentric a story or script as Ghostbusters, Lockwood and Co. is an adaptation of a book series. 

There were initial plans for three seasons, but the show did not get the green light after the premiere of Season 1. 

Netflix has had a track record of canceling shows, but hopefully, they will not cancel The Three Body Problem. The Remembrance of the Earth’s Past book series has different timelines spread across the various books. While Book 1 - The Three Body Problem - is what most people can relate to right now, the series really picks up in the subsequent titles. For Sci-fi fans, The Three Body Problem represents a perfect combination of intense storytelling and research-backed science fiction coupled with completely theoretical projections in the far far future. 

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