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Three Body Problem Cast & Characters

The 3 Body Problem features a diverse cast with an intention to portary the series as a global effort to save humanity.

The Three Body Problem is Netflix’s biggest sci-fi show for 2024. The television series is an adaptation of the book of the same name. With a very complex storyline that spans millions of years across three books, The Three Body Problem has a diverse cast that can truly portray the minute details of scientific discovery and advancements.  Here’s the full cast for the Three Body Problem Season 1. 

The Three Body Problem Cast

Character Name
Actor's Name
Character's Description
Da Shi
Benedict Wong
A police officer who quickly takes the Trisolarian threat seriously, investigating similar deaths of scientists.
Ye Wenjie
Rosalind Chao
A leading character from the first book, catalyst for events across multiple seasons.
Ye Wenjie (Young)
Zine Tseng
Portrays Ye Wenjie during her younger years, a victim of the Chinese Cultural Revolution.
Mike Evans
Sir Jonathan Pryce
A billionaire heavily involved in the Trisolarian crisis, portrayed across different timelines.
Mike Evans (Young)
Ben Schnetzer
Plays the younger version of Mike Evans, contributing to the narrative's depth across time periods.
Thomas Wade
Liam Cunningham
Leads the world’s top intelligence operation, instrumental post-Trisolaris discovery.
Jin Cheng
Jess Hong
A new character for the series, a member of the 'Oxford Five,' a group of talented theoretical physicists.
Saul Durand
Jovan Adepo
Another member of the Oxford Five, essential in unraveling the show's central mystery.
Auggie Salazar
Eiza González
Part of the Oxford Five, focused on solving today's problems rather than future hypotheticals.
Jack Rooney
John Bradley
Uses intellect to develop a snack empire, another Oxford Five member.
Will Downing
Alex Sharp
A physics teacher and the final member of the Oxford Five, facing his greatest challenge yet.
Sea Shimooka
A type of artificial intelligence created by the Trisolaris - incredibly small, the size of a proton and can travel through space at extremely high speeds.
Raj Varma
Saamer Usmani
A naval officer who causes unintended harm to his girlfriend, Jin. 
Gerard Monaco
Marlo Kelly
Tatiana is a part of a group of alien worshippers and Earth-Trisolaris Member
John Dagleish
Hélène Viviès
Anwar Suleiman
Stephen Rahman Hughes
Denys Porlock
Adrian Edmondson

The Three Body Problem releases on March 21 and features Game of Thrones’ fame directors - David Benioff, D.B. Weiss, and Alexander Woo.

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