A live-action The Sims movie is reportedly in the works with Margot Robbie as producer cover image

A live-action The Sims movie is reportedly in the works with Margot Robbie as producer

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The Sims is one of the most popular and successful video game franchises in history. It is a life simulation game that has captured the hearts of many gamers since its first iteration in February 2000. After more than two decades of evolution, moving from The Sims to now progressing towards The Sims 5, this franchise may just branch out into the other side of entertainment!

All we know about The Sims movie

According to Hollywood reporter, Jeff Sneider, The Sims movie is currently in the works. Not only that, several Hollywood stars are also attached to this project, including the high-profile Margot Robbie.

(Image courtesy of Warner Bros)
(Image courtesy of Warner Bros)

Margot Robbie has been under a major spotlight the last year as she took on the role of Barbie as both the main character and the producer of the film. Barbie was a massive hit, making more than $1 billion at the box office. Following that success, Margot Robbie may be looking for a new challenge as her eyes are set on The Sims franchise. She is reportedly stepping in as a producer, though we have yet to see if she'll enter in the cast list.

Kate Herron is also set to direct The Sims movie. She has notable works under her belt, best known for directing the first season of Disney+ Loki and the second season of The Last of Us. She will also be co-writing the movie with Briony Redman.

At the time of writing, there is no cast announced for The Sims movie.

LuckyChap and Vertigo to merge forces for The Sims movie

The Sims movie will be under production companies, LuckyChap Entertainment and Vertigo Entertainment. LuckyChap Entertainment, founded by Margot Robbie, also produced Barbie, Saltburn, and Birds of Prey.

Vertigo Entertainment, with heads Roy Lee and Doug Davison, produced a colossal collection of popular films. Horror classics like The Ring, The Grudge, and Quarantine were all under the belts of Vertigo Entertainment. Most recently, they produced the game-to-film adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy's. Interestingly, they are also working on a Minecraft film set to release in 2025.

Passionate fans are eager to know the plot of The Sims

(Image courtesy of <a href="https://youtu.be/xr_5WU_nWrA">Electronic Arts</a>)
(Image courtesy of Electronic Arts)

Following the report of a live-action The Sims movie, fans trended the topic on X/Twitter and discussed what could be the plot of the story. Of course, a lot of diehard The Sims fans want to see the lore from the very beginning, back to the Goth family.

Some fans predict that it will showcase The Sims characters realizing they're in a simulation. But some believe that to be a bore. "I don’t want to see the Sims realize they’re in a simulation ,that’s tired. I want to see them doing coke with mods installed then taking five hours to sit down and eat a salad that is slowly rotting on the table in front of them or else it’s not really Sims," user @jaurextras said on X/Twitter.

A lot of Sims enthusiasts can't wait to hear the usage of Simlish, the language spoken in The Sims. Will we hear the famous "dag dag" as a way to say goodbye? Or the "o vwa vwaf sna" to say it's nice to meet you?

Some of the more extreme Sims enjoyers want to see absolute chaos unleashed. Pool ladders removed in the midst of a splashing party, the door on the wall disappearing when a fire breaks out.. There are a ton of things to expect and the community is brewing with excitement.