Paul Heyman is your first WWE Hall of Fame 2024 inductee cover image

Paul Heyman is your first WWE Hall of Fame 2024 inductee

Paul E. Dangerously heads to the Hall of Fame.

First, he lived live 'Dangerously.' Then he was the face of a hardcore revolution, and later would be deputy mayor of Suplex City. Regardless of the era, professional wrestling is marked by the involvement and accolades of Paul Heyman, the first WWE Hall of Fame 2024 inductee announced. The reveal came earlier today on social media, honoring the one-time owner of ECW, former WCW manager, and WWF/WWE on-air talent.

The induction of Paul Heyman into the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame will occur at this year's WrestleMania XL. And yet, Heyman is on double duty that weekend, as he leads the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns, into the biggest match of the year against Cody Rhodes.

Let's look at the legacy of Paul Heyman, a career which spans nearly four decades.

2024 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Paul Heyman

The son of a Holocaust survivor and born in 1965, Paul Heyman is a New Yorker, through and through. Growing up in the Bronx, his love of professional wrestling took off at a young age. By 11, he ran his own mail-order sports memorabilia company from home. A famous story describes Heyman as a teenager, talking his way backstage to a WWF show at Madison Square Garden and somehow being paid as a photographer.

It wouldn't be until 1987 that he would take on the role of wrestling manager. Paul Heyman floated around numerous promotions early on in his now Fall of Fame career, including Jim Crockett Promotions, the AWA, and eventually World Championship Wrestling.

<em>Credit: Robert Newsome</em>
Credit: Robert Newsome

Most notably, he managed the 'Dangerous Alliance' of Rick Rude and 'Stunning' Steve Austin, all while portraying the character of Paul E. Dangerously--every coked up, New York yuppie stereotype imaginable.

A hardcore revolution

Depending on how old you are, Heyman's claim to fame is being the booker and face of Extreme Championship Wrestling. Taking control of creative in 1993, Heyman would lead the upstart promotion towards underground acclaim. ECW was very much the promotion of violence, gore, and professional wrestling workrate. However, nothing lasts forever. A number of poor creative and financial decisions would lead Heyman out the door and WWE would purchase the rights in 2003.

However, Paul Heyman's most recognized role in a WWE Hall of Fame inductee career comes as the manager and advocate of one Brock Lesnar. The mouthpiece of an impressive but somewhat uncharismatic rookie, Heyman was the missing link in a money-making character. Paul's character would continue this role in WWE on and off throughout two decades, managing the likes of CM Punk, Cesaro, and the eventual Tribal Chief himself.

WWE says in regards to Paul Heyman's 2024 WWE Hall of Fame induction: "Heyman’s influence on sports-entertainment has become immeasurable, as his brash, in-your-face attitude has paved the way for multiple generations of managers and Superstars. With a resume that is unmatched, Heyman now takes his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame."

You can check the ceremony out for yourself on WrestleMania XL weekend.

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