No, it’s not Minecraft Story Mode.

Minecraft and Netflix have just announced they are collaborating on a new animated series. The news arrives in the form of a short video released by Minecraft on their various social media channels.

The newly-revealed show is completely separate from the Minecraft live-action film set to be released in April 2025.

Minecraft and Netflix are working on a new animated series

The 20-second announcement video published on Minecraft's socials doesn't show too much. Thankfully, a small accompanying article reveals a bit more information for fans.

According to Minecraft, the new animated series "will tell an original story with new characters and reflect the world of Minecraft in a new light." This doesn't necessarily mean that we won't see our beloved Steve and Alex. However, it does confirm that the show will not follow the plot of Telltale's successful point-and-click Minecraft Story Mode. The Netflix series is also completely separate from the upcoming live-action Minecraft film starring Jack Black, Jason Momoa, and Kate McKinnon, set to release in April 2025.

Studio WildBrain is the team behind the new Minecraft Netflix series. Other recent animated works of theirs include Sonic Prime, Ninjago: Dragons Rising, and Carmen Sandiego, all of which are currently available on Netflix.

Where can I watch the Minecraft Netflix series?

The series' announcement article highlights that it will be available for viewing exclusively on Netflix. This means viewers will need a Netflix account and active subscription to enjoy the new show.

As of now, there is no additional information about the series' age rating, voice actor cast, release date, or possible regional exclusivity. Regardless, the news is exciting for Minecraft fans everywhere and more details are sure to follow soon.