Former NJPW star Kazuchika Okada makes AEW debut on Dynamite cover image

Former NJPW star Kazuchika Okada makes AEW debut on Dynamite

Light the fuse, make it rain.

It's time to see if the United States wrestling scene is ready for rain. Making his AEW debut tonight on a new-look episode of Dynamite, former NJPW champion Kazuchika Okada officially joined the company. The 36 year-old phenom's arrival to the number two wrestling company in the US comes after months of "will he, won't he" debate over his eventual destination.

Okada announced he would leave New Japan for AEW back in January, which began an immediately armchair booker feverstorm from fans over his eventual debut.

However, Tony Kahn's company and its focus on the art of professional wrestling appears to have won out. Kazuchika Okada took to the stage tonight in his AEW debut on a night considered to be the start of a new season for Dynamite. This includes a new logo, color scheme, stage, and an 'Elite' version of Okada.

Kazuchika Okada makes AEW Dynamite debut, turns heel

The arrival of Kazuchika Okada to AEW and making his debut on Dynamite is a watershed moment for the promotion. Scoring a number of major signings in the eyes of wrestling purists, the roster now includes the likes of Okada, Bryan Danielson, and Will Ospreay. This is the first of a few rumored major talent grabs by AEW. It looks as though that Mercedes Mone--the former Sasha Banks--will debut a week from today.

After all, there's probably good reason why next week's show is called 'Big Business.' And... uh... has the words "BOSS" all over its background. Subtle.

As for Okada, his appearance on Dynamite tonight involved Okada coming out to make the save for Eddie Kingston against our very own EVPs... Or, so we thought. Instead, we now have a new member of The Elite in a heel Kazuchika Okada. What? Wow. Huh?

Regardless, we hope the AEW roster is ready for it rain all over their parade. Okada is here to stay and ready to go.

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