Invincible, the popular animated series on Amazon Prime based on Robert Kirkman’s comic universe, is setting up for a Season 3 release date.

Invincible, the popular Amazon Prime animated series is all set for a Season 3 release soon. The show recently concluded its second season with Invincible battling Angstrom Levy to protect his mother and half-brother. While Amazon's decision to release Season 2 in two halves has irked many fans of the show, it appears fans might finally get some good news on the show's continuity soon. In an interview with Variety, series creator and author of the original comics, Robert Kirkman, ambitiously claimed his goal is to "release a new season every year."

Invincible Season 3 will include two returning characters

Among the most exciting news about Season 3 is that two characters from the first season will be making a return to the show after being omitted in Season 2. These characters are Battle Beast and Titan. Battle Beast is among the most popular characters in the comics. Titan, voiced by Maharshela Ali in Season 1, also received a lot of love.

Kirkman says every episode will "feel like a finale"

Kirkman has also described his ambitious expectations from Season 3, adding to the hype around the show. He said he wants every episode of Season 3 to "feel like a finale." According to him, Invincible Season 3 is going to be "an absolutely huge season with so many crazy things you won't expect." Indeed, with the introduction of characters like Anyssa and Thaedus in Season 2 and the potential introduction of Conquest and Thragg in Season 3, it appears the show is going to escalate the stakes in the next season.

When does Invincible Season 3 release?

There's no clear release date for Invincible Season 3 yet. As of now, we only have some details from the  rumor mill, so take it with a grain of salt. But Ryan Ottley, one of the comic artists working on the series, revealed in a comment under his Instagram post that it'll be just one year before the next season releases. Earlier at the 2023 San Diego Comic-Con, Kirkman had claimed he wanted a season to release every year. Going by these comments, it appears Season 3 might be released either towards the end of 2024 or in 2025.

With the way things ended in Season 2, Invincible has certainly generated a lot of hype, with many fans eagerly anticipating the next season. Hopefully, we'll get more news on it soon.

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