Not sweating card order, Becky Lynch wants to open WrestleMania XL cover image

Not sweating card order, Becky Lynch wants to open WrestleMania XL

The Man wants The Curtain.

All too often we associated wrestling superstars with unchecked, massive ego. Heck, I'm currently listening to the audiobook for The Death of WCW and it's, essentially, 500 pages of that very topic over and over. Regardless, we have to salute performers when it's clear they're in it for the love of the game. And making millions of dollars. Enter Becky Lynch and her thoughts on her match against women's champion Rhea Ripley at Wrestlemania XL.

In fact, the former Lasskicker wouldn't even mind opening the entire dang show. Speaking to Clutch Points, Becky Lynch had a number of things to say about WrestleMania XL weekend.

“I’m not worried about card order. I would love to open the show. I would love that. I’ve never opened WrestleMania before," said Lynch. "To open this one, as big as it is in Philadelphia, I’m just putting that out there. It would be pretty cool because if it’s not the main event, I always want to be the opening spot — it’s always a great place on the card because people are so excited.”

Becky Lynch, WrestleMania XL, and jerking the curtain

There's an association with being the opening match on a card with either low-quality or low regard. However, when it comes to WrestleMania that isn't the case. The Showcase of the Immortals is the one show each year that WWE performers scratch and scrape to be a part of. And, as it turns out, my favorite Wrestlemania match of all time was a 'curtain jerker'.

WrestleMania 10 saw the show opening with a battle of brothers, and Hart vs Hart. The end of a long-running and shocking feud in which Owen Hart turned on his brother in a fit of jealousy, WM10 would also see a shocking development. On one of the biggest nights in Bret's career, it was actually Owen who came away with the big win in the opening bout.

Perhaps Becky Lynch senses a similar chance to shock the crowd and steal the show from the word go when it comes to WrestleMania XL.

"Ooh, night one. I would love to open the whole of WrestleMania, you know what I’m saying? Just [to] be that first match for that whole event," she said. "[Opening the show will] give me enough time that I can relax and really enjoy Colby [Seth Rollins] main eventing WrestleMania and getting to watch him do that because that will be so special."

Regardless, we only have one word of advice for The Man: Avoid the stinkface. Or don't. That's fine too.

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