Valve surprised Dota fans on February 9th by releasing a minor update to the game, just days before the start of the DPC Regional Finals. With it comes eight new uninspiring Dota sets.

Valve surprised Dota fans on February 9th by releasing a minor update to the game, just days before the start of the DPC Regional Finals.

The minor update added the long-promised DPC 2022 Winter Lineage tour’s fantasy reward treasure that’s been teased since the start of the six-week circuit; just in time for players to set their predictions for the conclusion of the season in the Regional Finals.

Broodmother’s Winter Lineage Epoch of the Abysm, alongside her spiderling’s new skin

The eight new sets in the Winter Lineage treasure are:

  • Broodmother – Epoch of the Abysm
  • Bloodseeker – Primeval Predator
  • Lycan – Trail of the Grey Ghost
  • Naga Siren – Allure of the Deep
  • Death Prophet – Temptation of the Mothbinder
  • Huskar – Hunter’s Dawn
  • Phantom Lancer – Humble Drifter
  • Spirit Breaker – Bite of the Surging Wind (ULTRA RARE)

You’d think eight new sets would get the community incredibly excited. Well…

Everyone who remembered to set their fantasy predictions this season will have received all the treasures earnt over the season, with each reward containing one of seven regular treasures and a chance to drop a “very rare” Spirit Breaker set.

Naga Siren set in the new treasure
Naga Siren gets herself a new hair do in the latest set

Players might recognise some of the sets, as each one is a “re-theme” of a previous cosmetic for the latest DPC season.

Bloodseeker set in the Winter Lineage treasure released ahead of the DPC Regional Finals
Bloodseeker’s helm is spitting particles in the DPC reskin of the Primeval Predator set

Broodmother, Bloodseeker, Lycan, and Naga Siren have all been given new sets in the treasure, alongside Death Prophet, Huskar, and Phantom Lancer.

Lycan set in the new treasure
Wolves need no armour, but they have some in the latest set

DPC Regional Finals last chance to earn Winter fantasy points

Rosters must be finalised for all regions by 4pm PST on Thursday, February 10 to earn Fantasy Points; even though China, Eastern Europe, and North America won’t play their finals until a week later.

Fortunately, there’s still time for those who forgot to set the fantasy line-ups over the season to earn a treasure, with just over 24 hours left to lock-in a roster for each region’s DPC Regional Finals.

If you’ve not looked at it yet, the fantasy line-up works in a similar way to the TI fantasy rosters.

Players can choose which region to create a roster for as card packs are not region locked.

However, region rewards do not stack, with only the highest-performing line-up counting towards your fantasy score.

Valve clarified: “If you place in the top 10% of one league and the top 50% of another, you will receive the points for the top 10% placement. Region rewards do not stack.”

How to earn treasures

For the DPC Regional Finals, scoring in the top 50% will grant you six fantasy levels, with nine levels dished out to those in the top 25%, and the highest earners in the top 10% will bag themselves 12 levels.

Death Prophet set in the Winter Lineage treasure released ahead of the DPC Regional Finals
Red moths anyone? Death Prophet’s Temptation of the Mothbinder

With a treasure handed out every three fantasy levels, there’s the potential to earn four of the DPC Winter treasures.

Spirit Breaker set in the Winter Lineage treasure
You might want to moo-ve out the way of these horns

Anyone particularly keen on any of the cosmetics in the set can pick up a treasure from the market.

Huskar set in the Winter Lineage treasure
Huskar gets another flaming cosmetic in the latest treasure

Treasures are currently retailing for around 38p (roughly $0.50), so it won’t cost much to get the sets you’re after.

Unfortunately treasures are on trade cooldown until February 16, so acquiring more has to be through the market.

The newest PL set includes an oar for all your river-related woes

Don’t forget to keep your eye on to follow along with all the action from the upcoming DPC Regional Finals.

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