SMG just delivered Fnatic an elimination from the SEA Regional Finals and during the post-match interview, Raging Potato revealed a fun fact.

We are on the second day of SEA Regional Finals and an inevitable elimination round means goodbye for either Team SMG or Fnatic. Heading into this series, Fnatic stood out as the stronger lineup compared to SMG. However, SMG brought a solid performance to shut down the favorites. When met with Fnatic's wavering gameplay, SMG managed to secure their first win of the Regional Finals. In the post-match interview, SMG's offlaner, Ryan "Raging Potato" Jay Qui talked about his team's communication and his feelings after the match.

Raging Potato reveals the way SMG communicate

In today's match, Team SMG settled for a different draft approach compared to day 1 of the Regional Finals. Against BOOM Esports, SMG attempted the Morphling - Spirit Breaker combination but to no avail. This time around, their drafts are classic and more solid. The panel asked Raging Potato about the draft change.. but apparently, he himself doesn't know.

I don't really know. Most of the time when they're drafting, they speak in Chinese and I'm outside smoking. So I don't really have a clue.

Raging Potato

The panel laughed at the fact. It is indeed common for Malaysian-Chinese to speak Chinese with each other. And Raging Potato who hails from the Phillippines does not speak the language. But he disclosed that he can understand the language to a certain degree, "I speak a bit (of Chinese) and I understand them a bit as well." This way of communication doesn't seem to affect SMG's synergy as they step closer to the trophy in the Regional Finals.

Throughout the interview, Raging Potato didn't seem all too enthusiastic about the win. He explained that he really wants to go home as he misses his family. "I just want this to be done," he said. "After this tournament, I'm going back to the Philippines. (I) miss my kid." And it's likely due to the painfully long league system which costs a lot of time on their hands.

SMG to face a big hurdle

After the convincing win against Fnatic, SMG moves forward in the standings. They will meet BOOM Esports in a revenge match tomorrow on Feb 12. The winner will face the formidable T1, who is waiting in the Grand Final of SEA Regional Finals.

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