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What is Roshan’s Banner and how to use it

What exactly is a Roshan’s Banner?

Roshan's Banner is a new item in Dota 2, released in December 2023 alongside Patch 7.35. It is one of the few kill rewards that you get by slaying Roshan. But what exactly is a Roshan's Banner and how are you supposed to use this item?

Roshan's Banner function

The Roshan's Banner lets you plant a red banner anywhere on the map. Any creeps that pass by the banner will get a damage and health buff for 45 seconds. The creeps will get a 75% health bonus and 50% damage bonus, making this banner ideal to push waves and have a bigger impact during base teamfights. The banner's effect can also be stacked on top of already-buffed creeps under the influence of Helm of the Dominator, Holy Persuasion, and more.

The banner itself only lasts for 300 seconds and can be destroyed. It has a 24 HP and six hits from a hero or 24 hits from creeps will destroy the banner. Destroying Roshan's Banner will grant you 200 gold.

How to get the Roshan's Banner

The Roshan's Banner is only available on the Radiant side which also means it only spawns during the day. It also only spawns in Roshan's inventory on his second spawn onwards. Roshan must be slain once and only on his next death (and onwards) will it finally drop the Roshan's Banner.

How to utilize the banner?

There are a lot of strategies that we can craft from this unique item. The most obvious gameplan surrounding the Roshan's Banner is to use it while pushing objectives and entering the enemy's highground.

First of all, make sure to plant the Roshan's Banner where your creepwaves will pass! Best place it near the enemy's base or tower. The creeps passing by the banner will get a 45 seconds buff, an ample time for it to march into the enemy's territory and quickly obliterate objectives. But make sure it's not too close to enemy's reach as only six attacks from a hero can destroy the banner.

Next, make sure to plant the banner at a good timing. You may want to plant it when your team is ready to march up the highground. Or you can plant it when you're secretly ratting objectives while your team is engaging in a fight. It's a great item to secure dominance on a leading team. The item's presence will also pressure the enemy team further.

And that is all regarding the Roshan's Banner in Dota 2. Have fun trying it in pubs!

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