More creative ways to tilt players, doesn’t matter which team.

It was 2014: Dota 2 was still in beta, even a year after officially ending. People would have good fun with the huge HUD that took almost 40% of their screen. And, of course, everyone was expecting some good rewards in the eve of The International 4. Suddenly, one of the first creative tools was released: The Dota 2 effigy.

The concept was simple: Let the players replace one of the buildings on their base with a statue of any hero they wanted. The Dota 2 Effigy came with some perks: You could choose any pose the hero could take by choosing your favorite frame. Also, you had the power to add a text message to it. No filters. Oh my god.

To get the chance to make your own Dota 2 Effigy, you had to buy the Compendium: An older version of the Battle Pass. At first, players didn't understand their power, but then creativity sparked and some of the best were shared online.

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How can I make a Dota 2 Effigy today?

Despite the years, you can buy Dota 2 Effigy blocks for a cheap price, most costing less than fifty cents. Currently, the most expensive material is the golden one, from The International 2015. You can buy your own safely from the community market, starting at $3.73

Gladly, it's not because of some kind of drama like four years ago. It's finally time for the Dota 2 Effigy to make a comeback!

When you purchase the Druud Pathfinder Pack, you'll get two side quests, including "The Broken Belt". After completing it, you can collect the Effigy Block of Omexe: A brand-new material to create your own statue.

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You can use your coins from Act I to get a discount on this new Pathfinder Pack, if you haven't spent them yet. Just make sure to create your statue carefully, as it doesn't come with the Effigy Reforger Tool.

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