It’s nearing playoff time at the WePlay AniMajor and we grabbed a whole host of Dota 2 talent to hear what they predict will happen. We also polled our readers on Twitter for their thoughts.

The WePlay AniMajor playoffs are just hours away from kicking off! So we asked the Dota 2 community and you guys for your predictions and thoughts on what madness might unfold.

Godz – “There’s no way that old eLeVeN gets to play Broodmother.”

Lord of BTS and Dota 2 analyst Godz

First Place – PSG.LGD
Second Place – Evil Geniuses
Third Place – Quincy Crew

Top 3: Looking at EG & QC during the DPC Leagues – they were so good they convincingly 2-0’d basically every series. I’m sure it only gets easier when they play against these weaker regions. However, they’ll let another region win at the last second again, because of the anime story line. Not to mention saving strats for TI.

Underdog/Dark Horse: TNC are the ultimate wildcard team when it comes to LAN Dota. They can match up against anyone in terms of individual skill, and just have an X-factor about the way they play so fearlessly on the big stage. What will go down: I think we’re gonna see some deep runs from VG and LGD.

Elsewhere, Nigma look like a team that no one is going to want to run into in either the upper or lower bracket. I’ll be personally watching Quincy Crew really closely because they have looked so promising for so long, and just haven’t had the opportunity for things to click yet on LAN. Also there’s no way that old eLeVeN gets to play Broodmother. No way at all. Not to say I’ll eat a hat, but I could maybe convince someone to eat a hat on my behalf if I’m wrong.

Sumichu – “Team Nigma has been on fire and I believe they will carry on with their tradition”

Singapore Major’s host Sumichu (Twitter)

First Place – Team Nigma
Second Place – PSG.LGD
Third Place – Team Aster

Top 3: “Team Nigma has been on fire and I believe they will carry on with their tradition of doing really well leading up to TI. Also, PSG.LGD has also been crushing it and is an extremely consistent team.

The Chinese region always shows up to GAME in Dota, so I’m hoping for PSG.LGD/Nigma in grand finals. Team Aster has been doing well within their region, but they still have a lot to prove with the return of Boboka after almost being eliminated in Group Stage and going 0-2 against Thunder Predator at the Singapore Major.

I’ve already been blasted (by Malystryx) for not putting EG in the top 3 or 4 despite loving my region, but I can’t help the soul read that I feel right now!!!”

Expectations in the playoffs: “I think that Vici Gaming and Alliance will meet in round 2 of the AniMajor lower bracket (with Alliance falling to PSG.LGD in upper bracket), and Alliance will take it. I’ve already been told that Alliance over Vici Gaming is a bit of a hot take, but I think that Alliance deserves to be here at the major and in the top 4 despite all the events that happened at the end of the season, and they are ready to prove it with a strong showing.”

Lyrical – “With how good China has looked Aster has me a bit spooked”

NA DPC hype caster Lyrical

First Place – PSG.LGD
Second Place – Evil Geniuses
Third Place – Quincy Crew

Top 3: “I think LGD look so clean right now. I’ve been following this team pretty closely since the start of the covid era and the experience they have under their belt with 2 TI winners and the absolute insanity of XinQ will get them the win.

Nigma have been heating up and ILTW seems to be vibing real well with the current carry pool. I think they will make a run through lower bracket after getting knocked down by LGD. Quincy Crew would’ve won the first major if they had MSS so they’re at least getting 3rd. Nuff said.”

Underdog/Dark Horse: “As far as teams making a surprise run it’s mainly just any of the AniMajor upper bracket teams. There is habit of forgetting about them because they haven’t played in the group stage and we forgot how good they are. Specifically with how good China has looked Aster has me a bit spooked.”

JJ Pimpmuckl – “Second place, Quincy Crew, It’s an anime Major. MSS is the biggest weeb I know”

Observer overlord JJ Pimpmuckl (Twitter)

First Place – PSG.LGD
Second Place – Quincy Crew
Third Place – Nigma

Top 3: “First place PSG.LGD. I’m obviously a huge fan of EU Dota and I’ve seen enough UEFA Champions League matches to know this power house, once again, will carry the hopes and dreams of many European fans. Me included. And given the plenty of similarities between NothingToSay and Neymar, this will be the team to win it all.

That being said, the biggest hurdle might just be their regional brethren in round 1 of the AniMajor playoffs. Alliance played a flawless season and being the sharks they are, they can throw a serious wrench in the well oiled Parisian Dota-machine. Second place, Quincy Crew, It’s an anime major. MSS is the biggest weeb I know. It’s simple logic and the storyline writes itself.

Third place, Without looking at the bracket, I could make a case for Nigma to make it to the Grand Finals. After all, a healthy dose of EU-bias and Nigma being the most improved team of this tournament so far makes this a reasonable prediction. The issue is that Nigma not only have to go through VP in round 1 but also face the winner of the European super clash in Alliance vs PSG.LGD. Hence, third.

Noxville – “I think Aster might take their foot off the gas after their first win (since that qualifies them for TI 100%) but are still a super skilled team”

Stats wizard Noxville

First Place – PSG.LGD
Second Place – Nigma
Third Place – Team Aster

“Before the AniMajor I put PSG.LGD in my S-tier, and they’ve not failed to deliver yet – they’re still my favorites to win, and also the yardstick by which I measure all the other teams. I think they’ll sweep the Upper Bracket. Already-TI-qualified teams have been mostly underwhelming (Secret, IG, EG), so I’m going to say Nigma and Aster are my runner-ups – ahead of VP who were pre-tournament favorites for many.

Despite many mistakes, Nigma seem hungry for every win, and were able to take a game off LGD. I think they’ll come 2nd, entering the finals via the Lower Bracket. I think Aster might take their foot off the gas after their first win (since that qualifies them for TI 100%) but are still a super skilled team and this, coupled with their bracket draw, is enough to carry them into the Lower Bracket finals for a 3rd place finish.”

MikeLePhoenix (MLP) – “T1’s ultimate trait will be the element of surprise, as I doubt any team’s are really taking them seriously”

NA DPC’s Mike Le Phoenix (MLP)

First Place – PSG.LGD
Second Place – NoPing Esports
Third Place – T1

MLPDota: ” I think LGD are just too disciplined with their play, and they have by far the most versatile drafting pool. NoPing play a very quick and aggressive 4 protect 1. They also tend to draft less popular pos 1’s that can escalate in farm quickly, and also join fights if necessary (IE your luna’s, gyrocopter, naga etc). T1’s strongest point is their support duo.

I’d say Whitemon and Xepher are very mischievous with their support play, always opting to be as annoying as possible to the enemy cores, while diverting attention from 23savage on the 1 role. T1’s ultimate trait will be the element of surprise, as I doubt any team’s are really taking them seriously, and they have the biggest pool of heroes to draft from in my opinion.

Underdog/Dark Horse: For my ultimate dark horse, it’s very hard to choose between the SEA/SA teams, but I’d have to say NoPing may end up being the scariest. The thoughts of Thunder Predator throughout the Singapore Major are still fresh in my mind, and NoPing is known to be the better team in the region. I believe the stronger teams will underestimate them, and they will come out of the gate looking very strong.”

D2 Bowie: “I think EG was looking rough but they are very good at learning and adapting”

DPC SA expert Bowie

First Place – PSG.LGD
Second Place – Evil Geniuses
Third Place – Alliance

D2Bowie: “My top 3 is PSG.LGD, EG and Alliance. They are way too good as a team and even though I think their grasp of the patch isn’t as good as other teams in the tournament. It is a cliché “the Chinese team” that makes very few mistakes but I think they are just that.

I think EG was looking rough at the AniMajor but they are very good at learning and adapting. I write this quite sadly because EG being 2nd place means either Quincy Crew or NoPing will be eliminated by them but you know. There’s a reason EG is consistently one of the best teams for years now (even though they rarely win tournaments). Alliance are 3rd for me. These guys have been looking REALLY good and I think this carry patch will allow Nikobaby to showcase everything he is made of. Overall it feels like alliance has a good team dynamic, great coach basically everything to succeed.”

Underdog/Dark Horse: “No Ping Esports. SA Bias aside I believe these guys are actually really good at playing this patch. They might not yet be a top 3 team in the world but they have a ton of fire in them and very little to lose since they are pretty much guaranteed qualifying to TI via regional qualifiers.”

Honorable mentions

Lizzard: “My top 3: Aster, PSG.LGD, Nigma. Darkhorse underdog is Team Spirit. Drew a lot of series might have some CIS magic there.

Why – no one has seen Aster yet. They’re on a different level. The rest I divined by throwing beans on the floor and chanting, summoning the old ones.”

Leafeator: “Nigma for all 3 so they don’t have to play in EU quals and it’s better for me.” (Malystryx: Any other predictions aside from Nigma?) “LGD, VP, Nigma.”

Predictions and thoughts on social media

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