Alliance and LGD Gaming will compete at an unusual venue, as the two squads face off at a tournament organized by a table tennis legend.

Worried about a lack of Dota after TI12 has finished? Don’t be! The Waldner Cup has announced the Legends Cup, a Dota 2 LAN to take place in Stockholm. Announced on September 9, the Legends Cup will feature the likes of Alliance and LGD as the face off in a battle of… well, legends!

The Waldner Cup is a table tennis tournament organized in part by by table tennis star Jan-Ove Waldner. But rather than just focus on Waldner's chosen sport, the man sometimes called the “Mozart of table tennis” is turning the Waldner Cup into a celebration of culture and technology. The event is also in collaboration with the Europe – Asia Center, a non-profit organization aimed a promoting Asia-Europe relations.

While the main attraction is a table tennis competition that will see Team World, led by Waldner, take on Team Asia, the event will also feature a technology summit, a “Friendship Concert,” and now, the Legends Cup. Keeping with the theme of the event, the cup will feature some of the best teams from Asia meeting some of the best teams from the rest of the world in a unique competition.

Stockholm-based Alliance will represent the home team, while LGD will represent Asia in the Dota 2 tournament. Both teams definitely fit the bill as “Legendary” organizations, with Alliance having won The International in 2013, and LGD coming so close, with a heartbreaking three podium finishes across the years, but never a first-place.

An additional two other teams from around the world will join the lineup. And with a $100,000 prize pool, it’s definitely an enticing event. And given that many teams will likely be on break in November, its a chance to catch some pro Dota in the quiet off-season.

The Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre (Image via Radisson Hotels)
The Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre (Image via Radisson Hotels)

Sponsored and powered by GRID esports, and supported by Black Molly Entertainment, the event will take place between Nov. 24 to Nov. 26, at the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

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