There are a bunch of hidden neutral items in Dota 2 and some of them are BUSTED. Test these out in Demo Mode!

Did you know that there are unreleased neutral items in Dota 2 that are functional in some modes? The two-decade-year-old game is a huge world on its own and if we pay attention to what lies in its shadow, we can see a lot of undiscovered features of sorts. 

Nineteen unreleased neutral items in Dota 2 game files (pre-Patch 7.32)

There are 19 neutral items in the client that are not released but are still available in the game files. Players can test these items by typing a specific chat command in Dota 2's demo mode. Let us look at every single item in detail.

Ancient Perseverance

This neutral item gives +7 health regeneration, +10 attack damage, and +50% mana regeneration amplification.

Chat command: -item item_ancient_perseverance

Assassin's Dagger

It gives a bonus of +10 attack speed and the user deals spell damage upon landing an attack. It is also supposed to place a debuff on the target, but it doesn’t do so.

Chat command: -item item_assassins_dagger

Gladiator Helm

Upon taking hero damage, the user gains +18 damage and 15 movement speed bonus for a limited time.

Chat command: -item item_gladiator_helm

Greater Mango

This neutral item is consumable and has one charge. Once it is consumed, it instantly kills your hero. However, when you respawn, it upgrades all your talents on both sides.

Chat command: -item item_greater_mango

Icarus Wings

If activated, this item grants the user unobstructed movement and flying vision for the duration. It also destroys all trees in the user’s path when active. This neutral item is supposed to have a movement speed slowing debuff for enemies but it doesn’t work.

Chat command: -item item_icarus_wings

Mechanical Arm

This neutral item basically gives players a free Jingu Mastery passive except it doesn’t earn you lifesteal. After three consecutive attacks on enemy heroes or creeps, the item applies area damage.

Chat command: -item item_mechanical_arm

Overflowing Elixir

This neutral item acts like Bottle and allows users to capture runes. When activated it restores 500 HP and 200 mana over four seconds.

Chat command: -item item_overflowing_elixir


This item gives you a +15% experience bonus along with bonus stats according to the hero's primary attribute.

Chat command: -item item_satchel

Star Mace

This item gives +1 mana regeneration and +10% movement speed. Melee heroes gain the ability to cleave 20% of their attack damage around the target.

Chat command: -item item_star_mace

Venom Gland

Venom Gland gives you +10 of your primary attribute and +12% debuff duration. Attacking using this item applies heal reduction, health regen reduction, lifesteal reduction, and spell lifesteal reduction on the target. Successive attacks do not stack but refresh the duration instead.

This item also gives bonus stats depending on the hero's primary attribute.

Chat command: -item item_venom_gland

Wizard Glass

This neutral item gives +8% cooldown reduction and +10% debuff duration. When activated, you deal 125 damage to up to 2 random enemy units within a 700 radius. The enemy units targeted will be random and has no priority. It can also attack invisible units or units inside the fog of war. Wizard Glass has a 13.8 seconds cooldown (considering its own cooldown reduction.)

Chat command: -item item_wizard_glass

Assassin's Contract

Using this neutral item grants you unreliable gold with every attack on an enemy hero, including illusions and clones. It gives a base gold gain of 20 and 10 gold gain per level.

Chat command: -item item_sample_picker

Dimensional Doorway

It allows you to teleport anywhere on the map and it has three charges.

Chat command:  -item item_dimensional_doorway

Gloves of Travel

When equipped, you will gain an additional 20 attack speed. This neutral item reduces your teleport cooldown by 20 seconds and causes TP scrolls to not be consumed.

Chat command: -item item_gloves_of_travel


You can target an enemy and teleport to them using this neutral item. After you teleport to the enemy, they will be knocked back a 250 distance and are disabled for one second. You can also target allied units and teleport without the knockback and disable effect. This item has a cast range of 1600.

Chat command: -item item_horizon

Light Robes

This neutral item minus your health by 175 but adds a bonus 35 attack speed.

Chat command: -item item_light_robes


This is a fully functional item. It gives you +15 strength and stats depending on your primary attribute.

This neutral item can restore a total of 480 health over 12 seconds to a targeted ally (only heroes, illusions, and creep heroes). When double-clicked, it will cast on the hero itself.

Chat command: -item item_oakheart

Ring of Fortitude

It gives you +8 health regeneration and +250 health. When activated, your hero gains a generic 50% damage reduction from enemies for 3 seconds.

Chat command: -item item_fortitude_ring

Shadow of Vengeance

Upon death, you spawn a strong illusion that deals 100% damage and takes 150% damage. Much like Vengeful Spirit’s Scepter, the strong illusion can cast all basic abilities. The illusion lasts 30 seconds and also returns 20% incoming damage. This neutral item also gives +500 health to the user.

Chat command: -item item_vengeances_shadow

Tree Processor

It gives +12 intelligence to the user and also bonus stats according to the hero's primary attribute. You can also use this item to destroy trees within a target area. With every tree destroyed, the user is supposed to gain a movement speed and health buff however, this effect doesn’t work.

Chat command: -item item_tree_processor


This neutral item gives a bonus of +15 strength and also bonus stats according to the hero’s primary attribute.

Users can target an enemy to deal 75 damage and then debuff the target’s armor by three, for six seconds.

Chat command: -item item_warhammer

More unreleased neutral items (post-Patch 7.32)

Tome of Omniscience

This item provides 200 mana and reduces your armor by 5. But its most interesting function is it passively grants you 1.66 XP per second.

Chat command: -item item_tome_of_omniscience

Wand of the Brine

This item can target a unit and heal them at 80 per second, but it also silences the unit. At the same time, it provides the target with 50% damage reduction and a 50% slower movement speed. You can only target yourself or an allied heroes or creeps. Wand of the Brine is dispellable and also pierces spell immunity.

Chat command: -item item_wand_of_the_brine

Slime Vial (Tier 3)

This item slows and damages enemies around you. However, you will also be slowed in addition for bonus armor. This item's effects move similarly to the Shiva's Guard. You'll get a passive 12 HP regen and an active armor bonus of 15.

Chat command: -item item_slime_vial

Harpoon (Tier 4) - Now a launched Dota 2 item

(Check out Harpoon's official page here.) It seems that Valve has been cooking a hook-mechanic in the form of an item for a long while. Harpoon has been in the shadows as an unreleased item for a while. This item turns your attack projectile into a Pudge-like hook that pulls a targeted hero towards you.

Harpoon is now an official Dota 2 item with minor tweaks here and there. You can purchase Harpoon for 4500.

Chat command: -item item_harpoon

Guardian Shell (Tier 4)

This item can be casted to debuff or ignore slows and roots. It works like a shield which means you can cast it beforehand to ignore future roots and roots. You can only target yourself using this item. Guardian Shell has a bonus +15 for all attributes and is active for four seconds.

Chat command: -item item_guardian_shell

Arcane Scout

This item can send a scout toward a targeted spot - giving vision around itself and along the path it travels. However, it can only be commanded once and it will keep walking straight and can't be controlled. Its vision does not linger. The scout also provides True Sight in its vision. The scout is invulnerable and can't be attacked.

Chat command: -item item_arcane_scout

Barricade (Tier 4)

Barricade literally spawns a barricade in front of you which can block units and requires them to walk around it. Much like Earthshaker's Fissure, units can be pinned on this barricade.

Chat command: -item item_barricade

Manacles of Power (Tier 5)

This item works similarly to Batrider's Lasso - but stronger. Manacles of Power leashes a targeted enemy and drags them behind you if you walk away. With every kill gained from the leash, you gain +5 permanent strength. Interestingly, stacks are bound to the item which means other allies can get the stacks if they equip the item.

Chat command: -item item_manacles_of_power

Wand of Sanctitude (Tier 5)

Enchants an area and applies a basic dispel on everyone every 1.5 seconds. This item only removes buffs off of enemies and removes debuffs off of allies and yourself. Each time enemy heroes are killed by the AoE dispel, you gain a charge which is bound to the item. The charge increases the duration of the spell by 1.5 seconds each.

Chat command: -item item_wand_of_sanctitude

Bottomless Chalice (Tier 5)

Just like a Bottle, this item restores health and mana over the duration of 3 seconds. This item starts with 6 charges and can gain an additional max charge per hero kill. It passively regains a charge every 10 seconds.

Bottomless Chalice can also store runes which automatically set your current charges to its max value.

Chat command: -item item_bottomless_chalice

All of these unreleased neutral items in Dota 2 may be tested in the demo mode so have fun trying these out! Dota 2 is always adding new items and heroes, so maybe, just maybe some of these items might make it to the game.

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