Tundra’s latest content piece pokes fun at those who’ve called them boring by transforming the players into new and improved versions!

Rebrand is a four-letter word in esports, as it usually means taking something beloved and making it drastically worse. Tundra Esports made fun of this rebranding trend, and once again produced some of the best content in the Dota 2 space with their latest video.

With many fans and community members having made fun of Tundra for being “boring” the team took the chance for a makeover with this content piece. Confronted by Neal "Tsunami" Khandheria, Mira "Ephey" Riad, Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden, Tundra were forced to reinvent themselves.

The results? Well, we’ll let you see for yourselves:

Here are the full rebrand names:

  • Martin “Sexa” Sazdov
  • Oliver “Skieber” Lepko
  • Neta “33Trillion” Shapira
  • Wu “King” Jingjun
  • Leon “9/10” Kirilin 

Yes, that’s right, Saksa is now Sexa, a leather-toting renegade. Skiter is Skeiber, a Justin Bieber-like star. Sneyking? Now it’s just King, a shadow-boxing badass. 33 is now 33 Trillion, a billionaire (trillionaire?) playboy. And last, but not least Nine, is now 9 out of 10, a motorcycle-riding heart-throb. 

It’s all just for fun, but we found it incredibly entertaining. Tundra Esports has been making some of the best team content of any of the orgs in Dota 2, and isn’t afraid to make fun of itself, splash for talent, or otherwise do something out of the box. Even if these rebrands aren’t legit, they’re hilarious, and make light of the sometimes ridiculous criticism that Dota players face.

Tundra Esports is currently taking part in the Berlin Major, and you can keep track of all the action on esports.gg