Nine stated that he will return to the pro scene once he is ready to compete.

The International 11 (TI11) champion, Leon "Nine" Kirilin, departed Tundra Esports after three years together. Simultaneously, he announced an extensive break from the competitive scene. The renowned midlaner who recently switched to position four also revealed the reasons behind his choice and his plans for the future.

Nine explains the reason behind his competitive break

In a thread on Twitter/X, Nine thanked Tundra Esports and reminisced about the successful years with the org.

I am forever grateful for the last 3 years with Tundra, both the players and the org. I have fulfilled my dream with friends I hold dear, and experienced things I will never forget.

He then elaborated on the reason behind his extensive competitive break. The German player highlighted the past two years as the most stressful of his life, mainly due to the continuous traveling and playing. It's a typical - yet harsh - routine for a pro player and many, like him, have opted to go for a break.

The last 2 years were the most stressful of my life, and I can't continue like I did. It's time to chill a bit and live life just the way I want to. I will still play Dota and follow everything, I just need some break from all the traveling and stress of playing.

Nine promises that once he is ready and wants to compete, he will return. In the meantime, he will continue playing Dota 2 and follow the professional scene.

Nonetheless, fans will always remember Nine for his unique hero pool and his aggravatingly active playstyle. The 25-year-old player has collected a TI victory among many other achievements like a first-place finish in the ESL One Fall 2021 and a third-place finish at the 2023 Bali Major.

The post-TI12 roster shuffle continues

Following the conclusion of TI12, the Dota 2 scene has been shifting like never before. Players and organizations are making changes to gear up for an exciting 2024 - a year with a new and active system in place of the now-abolished Dota Pro Circuit (DPC).

Tundra Esports has yet to reveal the replacement for Nine. Fans are also curious if Topson, who played as a last-minute stand-in during TI12, will remain in the team. Keep your eyes peeled for more roster news below!

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