Tundra Esports is the first Grand Finalist of TI11 cover image

Tundra Esports is the first Grand Finalist of TI11

Tundra is now one step away from claiming the world champion title in its first ever TI appearance.

The two finalists of TI11 are slowly coming into view. Tundra Esports smashed the first day of Finals week, securing a top 2 placing after knocking down Team Secret to the Lower Bracket. The two veteran teams, Secret and Team Liquid would later face off in an elimination match - the winner to complete the finalists of TI11.

Not quite the favs, not quite an underdog

Hovering amongst the two veteran teams at TI11, Tundra Esports stands as the odd one out. The final teams at TI11, Team Secret and Team Liquid both look to secure a 2nd Aegis for one of their players. However, Tundra Esports, a relatively new and inexperienced team have their eyes on the prize.

Aui_2000 at TI11.<br>Credit: Valve
Aui_2000 at TI11.
Credit: Valve

The roster looks incredibly powerful under the guidance of TI5 winner, Aui_2000 - who are helping them taste what he has once achieved. Under his wings are 3 TI players and 2 TI debutants.

Sneyking, the remaining hope of North America transitioned to a captain a year ago following the infamous Fata kick. He has a history of crashing down in the first Upper Bracket series at every TI but he eludes the curse this time around, now bulldozing every enemy in his path.

Saksa at TI11.<br>Credit: Valve
Saksa at TI11.
Credit: Valve

Enter Saksa, a giant man with a giant brain. Aside from his part-time job terrorizing pubs, even reaching 12,000 MMR in the midst of TI - he's also bullying opponents in official games. Saksa is one of the unfortunate ones who fell short right at TI Grand Finals - placing 2nd at TI6 after losing to Wings Gaming. After a short stint with OG, Saksa joined Tundra Esports - now close to claim what he failed to years ago.

A ruthless offlaner that controls the game's tempo - Neta "33" Shapira has been to several TIs but never really found a solid achievement. And the final two pieces, Leon "Nine" Kirilin and Oliver "skiter" Lepko were able to unlock their utmost potential under the guidance of their experienced peers.

One step away from the world champion title

Right now, the team is unstoppable and there is no doubt Tundra is the favorite to win among these three final teams. However, everyone knows TI11 Finals is the pinnacle of competition where pressure surmounts and magic comes to life. This means unpredictable things are more than likely to happen and Tundra has to survive this massive mental obstacle.

From mudgolems to Tundra Esports. From barely missing TI10 to securing the top 2 at TI11. As the first-ever TI for the organization, Tundra Esports has won and proven more than it needed to. And the team is now one step away from cementing their names on the back of the Aegis of Champions.

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