True Sight Week: Watch previous editions in client as we wait for release cover image

True Sight Week: Watch previous editions in client as we wait for release

You’ll be able to watch remastered versions of past True Sight documentaries in the Dota 2 client this week.

True Sight Week is here! Dota 2’s premier documentary on its main event, The International, releases its latest edition on September 24th. But to hold us out until then, Valve has updated the client, and will be releasing older editions of True Sight over the week.

The change was first spotted in the small hours of September 20th, as the Dota 2 client updated with new localization text. 

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A few hours later, the client was also updated with an in-game viewing platform, which explained that four years worth of remastered videos will be showcased in the lead up to the TI10 Premier.

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This was later confirmed on Twitter by Valves Dota 2 hype man Wykrhm Reddy, and the first edition, The Kyiv Major Grand Finals, was released on YouTube.

When do the remasters release?

The True Sight remasters will release on a schedule throughout the week:

  • Kiev Major - September 20th - LINK
  • TI 2017 - September 21st
  • TI 2018 - September 22nd
  • TI 2019 - September 23rd
  • TI10 Premier - September 24th

We will update this with links as they are released.

About True Sight

True Sight first debuted in 2017 with an in depth documentary on the Kiev Major Grand Finals between OG and The series continued in 2017 with TI7. These two True Sights were around half an hour long, and while impressive, didn’t really start blowing minds until the next edition: TI8.

This was when the series really came into its own. Telling the incredible story of OG facing off against previous winners Team Liquid. Since then, True Sight has become an annual event fans always look forward to.

This latest edition, TI10, will see Team Spirit take on PSG.LGD in the grand finals. Another incredible underdog story, many expect it to be one of the best Dota documentaries to date.