Triple Rampage in Dota 2; but the real MVP got 0 kills cover image

Triple Rampage in Dota 2; but the real MVP got 0 kills

It’s a Drowsy dream come true!!

What’s any carry player’s dream? They will tell you a good support is what enables them. A recent Reddit post shows just how a good support can help the carry player get not one, not two, but three rampages. Drow Ranger might have got the kills, but it was the support Dazzle that was the true MVP. 

Reddit user, Maxosch, posted the video on the social media website. He rightfully credited his support player (the Dazzle) for enabling his Triple Rampage.

Drow’s Ramage, but Dazzle is the MVP

The video shows the radiant collapsing on the Dire Kunkka. While Kunkka dies almost immediately, it sets up a beautiful Reverse Polarity for the Magnus. All the time, Drow is getting free hits on enemy heroes. 

But the numbers advantage proved too much for Dire as their heroes started falling like flies. That is, until they tried to kill the Drow Ranger. That’s when the Radiant heroes realized there’s a Dazzle and the support hero is doing all he can to save his carry.

<em>Unless they don’t see the Dazzle. Image Credit: Reddit user </em><a href=""><em>Typona</em></a><em>.&nbsp;</em>
Unless they don’t see the Dazzle. Image Credit: Reddit user Typona

Staying at a safe distance in the forest, Dazzle kept continuously healing Drow with Shadow Wave. When Drow’s HP was near 0, Dazzle’s Shallow Grave bought more time for the agility hero.

The Radiant heroes saw a very low HP drow and tried to use everything on the Drow Ranger. They tried using Omnislash as well as Requiem of Souls, but in both instances, Dazzle had already used Shallow Grave. 

Juggernaut and Shadow Fiend even bought back to try to finish off the low-HP Drow Ranger. But with Dazzle standing firm behind his carry player, there was little they could do. Meanwhile, Drow was freely hitting enemy players. He got a Rampage and followed it up with two more kills on the Snapfire and Shadow Fiend respectively. Drow ended up with a Triple Rampage, a feat that is extremely rare in Dota 2. 

Behind every successful Carry is a Support player

Support players are extremely important in controlling the tempo of the game. From the early game where Supports have higher damage output to the late game where they aid their carry players, supports are instrumental to the final outcome of a game. 

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